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    A Derby party is a Derby party, but if you want yours to scream “PARTY” then there are few rules to abide.

    First you must decide whether your party is going to be high-society, wild and crazy or elegant.

    Next, DECORATE!
    For an elegant party decorate with bouquets of red roses, perhaps a horse shoe shaped wreath. Finger sandwiches, mint juleps and bourbon balls are a must as well as cold seafood and salads.

    Now if you are preparing for a wild and crazy party get the barbeque out and start grilling up some ribs, corn on the cob, salad, sprinkle in some alcohol (mint juleps are great if you want to throw in a little elegance) and you’ll have your guests kissing your feet (actually that might really happen if you have enough juleps). Decorating for the wild and crazy party could be as basic as the guests wearing funky hats, but if you want to add some flare to your party use checked (red and white) tableclothes, maybe some flowers and check out your local novelty shop to find crazy Derby decor to fashion your home (or backyard).

    And no matter what the food is you serve, one of our finest traditions comes after the meal at dessert time.  Every party should have some Derby-Pie ® chocolate nut pie for the guests to take part in.  Make certain you have at least one slice for everybody in attendance (and more preferably two).  You can have Derby-Pie ® from Kern's Kitchen shipped to your door.  Click here for locations.

    The critical element for a great Derby party no matter what the style is that a large TV be visible to your guests.  Give them plenty of volume for each race.  There's not much more exciting than the race caller hollering "AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME!". 

    As far as preparing for the party, here are some things that you might want to think about having:

    • Daily Racing Forms and set up your own betting pool to add excitement
    • Insist that your guests dress for Derby, that means HATS!
    • Print the lyrics to ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ so people can actually try to sing the song when the time comes
    • Get official Mint Julep glasses for your party so your guests can use them as souvenirs.

    Most importantly, have fun, be safe and make your party the party of the year!

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