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    An unidentified member of Karen Sypher's defense team wore the Rolling Stones tongue-and-lips necktie (far right) to the federal courthouse on the day the woman who's had 19 nervous breakdowns—many of them televised—was sentenced to 87 months in the pokey. Sypher was convicted earlier this year of extortion after she and Rick "Diddley Daddy" Pitino let it loose, giving up more than just a little T&A on the floor of Porcini's.

    Reminding the judge of just exactly what started the backstreet girl's problems on the day of her sentencing must be a sophisticated legal strategy on par with the Chewbacca Defense. Or perhaps it was a symbol to the judge that no rough justice might get Sypher suggesting let's spend the night together.

    Or maybe Sypher's shysters just don't know how to dress for court (it wouldn't be their biggest mistake).

    Despite this tactic and Sypher's claims of being the victim of a vast conspiracy involving the judge, Uof L, Rick Pitino, Todd Blue, the coal industry, Fairdale Bigfoot, and Col. Sanders, it looks like she'll be spending the foreseeable future between a rock and a hard place. Sorry Karen, you can't always get what you want. 

    Photo: Zach Everson

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