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    Milk Chocolate and Banana Yogurt with Crushed Oreos
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    So, there we were – two girls out on the town, just trying to get back home. We were weary, weak with exhaustion, from an arduous day of eating lunch at a restaurant and visiting two (2!) whole stores. Rough.  I had decided to drive up Westport Rd. behind Trinity, forgetting, like always, that one cannot simply drive through Chenoweth to get to the place where Shelbyville Rd. becomes Lexington and Frankfort anymore. So, I turned left to cut through the area by Smoothie King. I wanted so badly to get to Shelbyville Rd.! And then we saw it, the most beautiful oasis… but, it wasn’t a mirage – there really IS a Lula’s Frozen Yogurt in St. Matthews!

    April, the grown up in the passenger’s seat, literally yelped and clapped her hands.

    “Do you want to stop?” I asked.

    “YES!!” she replied with a toothy grin, her eyes wide with excitement as she bounced up and down in her seat.

    So, we went inside to find a sweet manager all alone behind the counter. April and I, of course, thought that the place was brand new, but she told us that it had been open for about 6 months. Unfortunately, there’s a large sign on the back of the building that advertises for “SMOOTHIE KING”, so many people miss the Lula’s sign in front. She said that business has been slow, which I imagine is because the location is practically hidden from view on both sides, so I hope that lots of people will read this article and pay her a visit!

    I must say that yogurt here is expensive if you’re not careful with portioning, but it is so delicious. I bought half banana yogurt and half milk chocolate yogurt with a sprinkle of crushed Oreos. Yummm. I definitely want to go back and try the Orange Sorbet soon.

    The place was decorated cutely for Halloween and immaculately clean (especially the bathrooms, which always shows how well-cared for an establishment is – usually, if the bathroom is clean, so is the kitchen!). There were several tables inside, as well as a nice gazebo outside with picnic tables where you can enjoy your yogurt!

    Did you know Lula’s was in St. Matthews? Well, you do now. Stop in soon!

    Lula’s Frozen Yogurt – St. Matthews

    3922 Westport Rd.

    (502) 893-3454

    Lula's Frozen Yogurt in St. Matthews
    The yogurt. :)
    The goodies that go on top of the yogurt. :)

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    I am a writer/reviewer who has the unique perspective of also being a working professional chef. I don't look up big words in my thesaurus to sound impressive because I'd rather concentrate on having a writing style that makes you feel like a friend. I'll be bringing you news about Food & Dining in our lovely city. :)

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