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    Though Louisville appears ready to set a record for a first ever sub-90 degree July that doesn’t mean a steaming hot coffee is my preferred morning – or afternoon – beverage. I’ve been drinking iced coffee since I was a kid and my grandma made frozen coffee slushies for me and it seems iced coffee has caught on in a big way this year. All the foodie forums are abuzz with debates on the best way to get your morning buzz heat-free. For years I’ve done it the lazy way. Brew a pot of coffee. Add sugar. Refrigerate. But I’ve been reading lately that this is not, in fact, the best way to produce cold coffee. So when my Cuisinart coffee pot died this week, we tried cold-brewing – the hot new way foodies are talking about. Iced coffeeIt’s actually no harder than the lazy way, but it’s easiest with a French Press. (You do have a French Press don’t you? Otherwise how do you make coffee when the power is out in Louisville?) Just stir 2/3 cup of coffee grounds (I use Whole Foods Pleasant Morning Buzz) into 3 cups of cold filtered water in your press, cover in plastic wrap and let sit overnight. You really need 10-12 hours unless you like weak coffee. In the morning press down the grounds, and pour into a glass of ice, swirl in some half-and-half and simple syrup (one part sugar to one part hot water – allows the sugar to melt in your cold drink), add a straw and voila. Iced coffee for two without the hefty price tag. For more information (and if you don’t want to do it yourself) - Navigating Bardstown Road's non-Starbucks coffee culture

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