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    Bow wow... wow! Snoop Dogg put on a great show last night at Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana. The crowd was sold out, and everyone enjoyed themselves, singing along. It didn't take long to smell the green filling the room.

    The opening act was okay, but  one song just chanted "And u do know that" so many times that the audience was looking around at each other as if to say "Okay, we get it, we do know that."

    Snoop serenaded the audience with classics such as Gin and Juice, Doggy Style, and included a few newer hits.  He also worked in a fair amount of covers, including a tribute to his friend Tupac Shakur, getting the audience to chant "Tupac, we love you".  He made the show pretty interactive and came off smooth as ever, dedicating several songs to the ladies,  while looking great on stage. He ended the show by sampling the chorus from Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye originally by Paul Leka, Gary DeCarlo and Dale Frashuer.

    Although the show was great, there were a few things that weren't so great. Lines to the bars were extremely long before the show. The wait was at least 30 minutes if you were lucky. If you already had drinks they weren't allowed in the concert area. There is no smoking ban in Indiana, so the entire room was filled with smokers. The cigarette smoke was a little overwhelming. 

    I have to say my favorite moment was walking to the ladies room with my friend. A guy started to follow us and said, "What's up ladies?" My friend responded, "Headed for the bathroom." He responded with "Are ya'll runnin' solo or runnin' from me?" It is perhaps my favorite recovery from a rejected pick up attempt ever. It wasn't the only time we had to zig and zag to avoid the guys trying to wave us down (literally at times).

    There was a huge merch table, and some of Snoop's fans showed up just to purchase his merch. "I called as soon as my flyer came in the mail," said one fan who was holding some of his merch. "The show was already sold out."

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