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    Don't let the zombies capture your flag: Zombie 5k survival run benefits local t
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    Louisville loves zombies and Alley Theater is doing their best to bring more un-life to the city as they try to raise funds for future productions. They're hosting a 5k zombie survival run in Cherokee Park this Saturday (benefits go to the theater). This 5k seems more like a 3-mile-long moving game of undead capture the flag. I wish we had been brilliant enough to add zombies to our capture the flag games as kids. Church camp would have been even more fun. Just think, there could have been a neutral Jesus player running around healing people. I digress.

    This 5k run comes on the heels of the theater's Inhuman: A festival of the New American Undead Theater, which ran simultaneously with the Humana Festival at Actor's Theater. While new plays of a more traditional nature were released at Actor's, new zombie and undead plays were released at Alley Theater.

    The run will begin at Frisbee Field in Cherokee Park at 7 a.m.  (See graphic below for map of park). People may be choose to be a runner or zombie. Zombies donate $10 to include make-up, while runners can register for $30 each (including a commemorative t-shirt and runners' survival kit from Blue Mile). The event is family friendly and many of the 500 pre-registered runner/walkers are bringing their kids.  TO help people get ready for the game, Louisville School of massage is giving away free massages from 7  - 11 a.m. in the "infield". 

    "How is it family friendly? Aren't zombie events bloodbaths? Where's the Capture the flag stuff?" one might ask. 

    The brains of the runners will be represented by three flags on each of the runners' waists. The zombies will crawl, walk, shuffle after them while trying to steal their flags. It is up to the runners to side step, out manuever, punt (scratch punting zombies allowed) the zombies and make it to the finish line. The runners must reach the finish line with at least one flag left to be eligible for winning. The top three finishers in each age category with the most flags left will receive prize packages including gift certificates, tickets to the theater, and coupons for favorite Louisville spots. 

    The fun doesn't stay at the park. There is an after party at the theater with food, raffle prizes, kids' activities, bands and performances. Press/Entertainment goddess Angie Fenton will be co-hosting the awards' ceremony with Kenn Parks, facilitator of the run. There will be food trucks, New Albanian Brewing Company, and Ky Ale. It runs from 4:30 to 10 p.m. at 1205 Washington St. (downstairs). 

    Once you enter the park from Eastern Parkway, you pretty much want to veer left at every fork in the road until you find the field full of undead people.

    How to find Frisbee Field if entering from Eastern Parkway (follow the red line):

    Map courtesy of Louisville Metro Parks


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