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    It disturbs me a little that the logo of DeVino's Deli features a mobster carrying a baseball bat. If I write them a negative review, will fedora-wearing denizen of the mob come and break in the windows of my car? That mascot looks really angry about something; maybe it's the obscene number of dusty plastic grapes and the tacky red checkered tablecloths decorating his restaurant?

    It's hard to go wrong with the kind of food DeVino's offers. Sandwiches, pizza, calzones, cheese sticks, big salads covered in so much meat and cheese they might as well be called lettuce pizzas. The steak salad with mozzarella in particular is suitably meaty and luscious, a bowl full of mixed greens and tomatoes laid over with shingles of sirloin and gobs of soft cheese. The smoked Italian sausage sandwich, with green peppers and onions on a hoagie bun is one of the better sandwiches; you can get everything from a gyro, to an angus burger, to a grilled chicken wrap. The pizza slices are $3 each for cheese or pepperoni, and you practically get a quarter of a pizza; the calzones are similarly giant and stuffed with your choice of pizza toppings.

    The service at DeVino's has always been, shall we say, lackluster. The delivery is very slow, comparatively, and it took me 30 minutes to receive an order of cheese sticks while eating in house, which came out as cheese bread instead of cheese sticks and had to be fixed! I JUST WANT MY FRIED MOZARELLA IN A TIMELY MANNER! I was also given a packet of fat free ranch with my salad, which is probably #3 on my list of seven deadly restaurant sins. If you think I'm fat, that's fine, but don't you dare sneak me a low fat dressing when I really, really want normal, delicious, super fatty ranch! Let me die of a coronary in peace with my mouth rimmed in ranch!

    Davino's is, besides all that, a great place to order lunch from the office (they deliver!). I might bemoan, slightly, the lack of innovation in their menu, or even the super cheesy interior but I admit that mascot makes me a little nervous. I love the cheese sticks, the salads are giant and great—let's leave it at that. 

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