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    Dr. Stuart Williams engineers the heart at the Library
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    Let’s talk about what it takes to build a heart.

    Look at that – do you see? – that is a kind of zero pretense writing called “minimalism” .  My Papa would call this “cut-to-the-chase”.  My editors would call this “just-real-journalism-please-erin”.  And this, my darlings, is something I don’t do at all.  But there’s an example; I just wanted to show you what it looks like so you know.

    Hearts.  You have one.  I know because when I was in first grade we had a little plastic man with extremely large eyes in his transparent skin and very clenched teeth in his transparent head that showed it to us.  It was red on one side and blue on the other.  Your heart doesn’t look like his.  Your heart – and mine probably too, but maybe not because I think everything that’s mine is more special – looks like a squabbed up ball of squid in your chest.  It’s very sweet.  People often sing about hearts.  They fall apart and stuff; the squidy-stuff gets tangled up, unraveled.  Whatever.

    It moves.  And it is a very good thing that it moves because your moving heart makes you move and when you are able to move in the world you are often further moved to go and move others with moving songs about your moving squid hearts.  It’s the circle of life.  And it is important.  Good.

    While we have artists around to tell us about what happens when the soul of our hearts stops beating (remember when we talked about Feeling Things?), the clockwork of this body berry (doesn’t it kind of look like a lone grape hanging there in the chest?  Maybe?  We’re going to say that anyway) needs a different kind of maestro to lend a beat when the heart gets tired.  Enter the Cardiovascular Bioengineer.  He is your friend. 

    Speaking tonight at the Louisville Free Public Library’s Main branch as part of the What’s Next? Series program, the Executive Director of Louisville’s Cardiovascular Innovation Institution, Dr. Stuart Williams, will speak on the latest research developments in regenerative medicine.  Covering everything from the old enemy, heart disease, to the effects of diabetes, Dr. Williams will present advances in the field of biomedical invention and the next steps being explored towards keeping our happy-heart-squids swimming away.

    You are not made of plastic.  Your eyes are not cold marbles in your head.  You think and feel and blink with eyes and beat with heart.  Join Dr. Stuart Williams tonight at 7pm and find out how medicine can keep the moving parts and moving hearts moving beautifully for a little longer.

    The Louisville Free Public Library’s Main branch is located at 301 York Street.  This event is free, but tickets are required.  Call (502) 574-1644 to reserve seats.

    Image: Courtesy of Louisville Free Public Library website


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