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    Once upon a time, when Lindsay Scheer was a star soccer player at both U of L and Bellarmine University, she started Muay Thai boxing (forget the fists--this intense form includes punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes), at Eric Haycraft's studio ( to help stay in tip-top shape.  


    As Lindsay reached the end of her eligibility (4 years) for college soccer, what started out as a training tool started becoming a professional possibility.  That's when students at Bellarmine who knew Lindsay started inserting her name into Chuck Norris jokes.  


    Of course, this multi-talented athlete/boxer/musician/doctor (Lindsay is also a classical singer and uses her PT doctorate to help under-developed or physically compromised children learn to walk), has her "off" days, too.  


    Here's what helps Lindsay punch out the training blues:


    First of all, whadda you eat for breakfast?


    Ha!  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day... But that depends on whether I'm cutting weight or gaining it [for a fight].  If it's the former, usually a bowl of oatmeal.


    What music plays in your head when you knock an opponent out with a roundhouse kick to the face?


    Well, I've only actually done that once [so far], but I would say, probably no music.  I used to be very methodical, almost superstitious, about what I ate and did before a soccer game.  I've really been working hard to block all that out, and my coach (Eric Haycraft) has a very cerebral approach to fighting, so that you have to think as hard as you kick.  When I'm in the ring, even with 2,500 people watching, all I can hear is his voice.


    Even the most dedicated people have their moments of "un-spiration." How do you handle yours?


    Well, when you're training 2 hours a day 2 times a day, 6 days a week, it gets very hard to be positive and energetic all the time.  My coach tells me that in any given week, on average you'll have one really great moment, one mediocre moment, and the rest will probably suck.  But that's what you work for--the one percent, the good days.  I also know that no matter how bad I feel, I know that I'm benefitting from being there.  Every moment of cardio is going to help, and that's motivation, enough.


    Any now for something completely different.  To wrap up, who's your favorite composer?


    Oh gosh, that's hard!  Well I love to sing Puccini.  So I guess, in the interest of brevity, that's what I'll say... You really can't go wrong with a good Italian aria.

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