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    Wild Eggs 

    is clearly beloved in Louisville. It seems daily my facebook newsfeed 

    is peppered with people trekking there by the dozen for brunch. My boyfriend and I visited the  St. Matthews location on Dutchman's Lane, and we were very pleased with our brunch experience. 

    The service was truly courteous and exceptionally fast, though the buzz is that often a wait time of 20+ minutes is the norm for weekend mornings. We were 


    supplied with a pitcher of water filled with cheerful lemon slices, and smooth coffee just on the right side of burned. Rather than fill up on the tempting "Clementine's 


    Crepes" (with orange marmalade and macadamias), or the "Violet You're Turning Violet" blueberry pancakes, we opted to try the eggs at Wild eggs. 

    The menu is filled with great choices--the egg salad sandwich in particular is a far cry from those weeping concoctions my mother resolutely packed in my lunch bag. The egg salad sandwich at Wild Eggs is a golden masterpiece piled high on artisan bread, lip-smackingly good. The wild garlic scramble was very strongly seasoned with garlic and spinach, and arrived with well salted if a bit mushy potatoes. The 


    omelet did what no omelet before has done: it made me LIKE seafood in an omelet. The tiny rock shrimp tucked inside the flavorful egg wrapping and doused in creamy hollandaise sauce were fresh and firm. Both dishes came with grits and an everything muffin.

    Let me talk about the everything muffin for a second. For many years muffins have simply been cupcakes without the icing, big puffs of sugary sweetness studded with saccharine purple blueberry blobs. The everything muffin is the exact savory, poppyseeded, flaky, crunchy answer to this trend, a wonderful mish-mash of bagel, cupcake, dinner roll, and biscuit. If it sounds confusing , simply pop a piece of the everything muffin into your mouth and enjoy the crumbling, don't over think this little treat.

    Wild Eggs was a nice little brunch with a reasonable price tag. The decorations (eggs, eggs everywhere) and the service helped push the experience from good to great. 

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