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    This article could really be titled “Favorite place to catch up on all the craziness that has been going on in our lives over the last two weeks.” Occasionally it seems my lovely friend Rebecca and I go a little too long without talking and
    need a proper dinner (with drinks, of course) to officially get caught up. When this happens, we most often head to Eiderdown (983 Goss Avenue) for the occasion.

    With a great wine and beer selection and criminally delicious food, it is perfect for our stories of bad dates, the occasional good ones, work shenanigans, etc. We always enjoy a great meal and the environment is quiet, cozy and warm. Our favorite bartender/server, David, always takes great care of us and keeps my glass of Predator Old Vine Zin (try it!) full. What more could one ask for?

    As much as I love Eiderdown, I’ll tell you what more this vegetarian could ask for. The restaurant always has a really well thought out option for veggies, but heavily favors meat eaters. The menu could be a little more vegetarian friendly but, considering that it is located in Germantown and has duck fat popcorn on the menu, I suppose I should be grateful for the options available, though they may be few. I must also add that these options never feel like an afterthought such as a veggie pasta tacked onto the menu to appease vegetarians, as is the case at many establishments. We're talking great stuff here, including the fabulous skillet pie I had on my last visit, with lots of great veggies accompanied by a creamy sauce, all topped off with a flaky, buttery crust! As well as Eiderdown does vegetarian, they should be doing it more!

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    I'm a passionate professional, working as Public Relations Manager for the Kentucky Humane Society. I love my work, my dogs, my friends and music.

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