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    If you’ve ever had those nights you believed you were missing out, that everything good was happening somewhere else, The Cure Lounge has just the thing you were looking for: Emo Night, a monthly celebration of all the angst you thought you left behind in high school. The next one is happening this Friday, February 12 at 10 p.m.

    You’d better make damn sure that you’re there, because your sensory memory will take you way back, in the best way. I can almost bet that you’ve never realized just how badly you needed to hear “Ohio Is For Lovers” coming from surround sound. And it’ll be just like the old days, complete with the bonfire out back; except now you’re not sneaking your parents’ liquor and trying to get your post-hardcore band off the ground.

    The event draws a decent crowd, many reveling in the good old days with some superfluous ties, safety-pins-as-accessories and guyliner. Pull out your skinniest skinny jeans and that old Fueled By Ramen tee, and you’ll fit right in.

    If you have illusions of going hard, beware of the bar -- the first installment of Emo Night featured 5-to-15-minute waits to even get an acknowledgement from the bar, as well as a bartender who refuses to serve up water, instead pointing you to the lone water dispenser that you’ll fight a crowd five-deep to get to. But, what did you possibly expect under these conditions?

    If you’ve ever longed for the days of wearing all black, blowing your money at Hot Topic, and trying to grow out that shaggy mop of hair, you’ll want to stop by. Stay home, and you’ll be miserable at best.

    And, don’t forget to, uh, tell all your friends.

    Image: The Cure Lounge

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