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    Forty three years of locally owned neighborhood bowling ends May 23.

    $140,000 is a lot of money for a small business. The McCarthy family doesn't have it, and with the whack-a-mole national credit situation, banks aren't in a mood to make loans to something like, say, a beloved neighborhood establishment with a 43 year long history and a loyal client base. 

    The McCarthy family has taken great pride in their "fair and honest lane conditions" since this neighborhood bowling alley opened. If they were willing to soldier on as more of a historical monument than a bowling alley they could struggle through with a run down retro theme for the next few years, but these guys really LOVE bowling. They've found new homes for all their bowling leagues, written a public apology for having to close down and are preparing for the future.

    A Facebook fangroup has popped up to Save Lyndon Lanes, but the owners say that while they are deeply touched, this won't turn into a Cinderella Story. The Bar and Grill will go on, but the lanes will be partitioned off and all that will remain is a commemorative sign. 

    If you live in the area, stop in for a last game before May 23. 

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