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    Local stylist Matthew Tyldesley has been making some interesting strides in his career. I visited him recently to let him work his magic on my crazy mane and learn more about all the interesting things he does with hair. Matthew is a stylist and accepts clients at New Attitude salon. He was great at giving me a consultation and listening to my concerns. Instead of just suggesting a hair style right  away, he took the shape of my face into account before asking me very pointed questions to get an idea of how much time and effort I wanted to devote to my hair. 

    "Knowing how much time someone can put into their hair can make a huge difference in the kind of hair style that is right for them," he said. "I like to get an overall idea of the person's 

    ability to maintain their style."

    Matthew went on to say that a consultation is crucial. It allows him to tailor the needs of each guest. He uses the Redken art of consultation regularly, which allows him to really get to know the guest in his chair. He uses the consultation to find solutions, understand their career, analyze their facial shape, understand their beauty budget, and see the current condition of their hair. His consultation worked for me. After his cut, my curls returned to a lovely shape, and I'm able to maintain the style despite a busy  life. (Okay, I"m kind of lazy when it comes to hair maintenance).

    Matthew gives another stylist some education.

    Matthew gives another stylist some education.

    It's obvious that Matthew is passionate about what he does. He graduated from the Hair Design school in the Highlands of Louisville, Ky. He has done salon work for about ten years and became an educator for Redken about a year and a half ago. He gets contracted to go into salons or supply houses that are licensed to sell Redken products so that he can teach their stylists how to properly use the products. His main focus is to inspire salon professionals to increase their skills and revenues.  He often travels to Lexington because they have a large market and are very close. 

    "I love and chose redken for a number of reasons," said Matthew. "They offer the best education for stylists and carry everything stylists need to be successful. They offer everything from education to business building and understand the science of haircare."

    Matthew's future goals are to continue his growth with Redken with the aspirations to do platform work at hair shows. When he is contracted to do hair shows, he supports the main artists who are headlining the shows. He helps a team color, style, and prep models for the shows. He would like to headline the shows one day. 

    "It's very exciting, high energy, and I learn a lot."

    Miss Kentucky, Lee Ann Herring- Olvedo wearing Matthew's Queen of Hearts wig for Maui Crane of the Lexington Fashion Collabrative.

    To satiate his own creative hunger, Matthew gets involved with local fashion shows and has been the stylist for film and photography projects as well. He creates hair pieces and wigs in addition to styling women's hair. He was recently the stylist for the film "Overtime", which was filmed locally in Louisville by ThoughtFly films. He also created some wigs for a spoof commercial within the film.  Some of his pieces remind me of the show "Epic Hair Battles", although I haven't seen any that extreme.

    Matthew poses with the models and filmmaker from the "Y-Box" commercial.

    I asked Matthew for a tip for you readers.  What is the one thing that he wishes more people knew about hair?

    "Most women don't understand the importance of treatments," he replied. Damage takes it toll on the hair through chemical, heat styling, and medications. These all play a factor on the hair conditions. Without proper treatments, hair remains dull, brittle, does not sustain color. Many people do not understand the proper use of products, shampoos, and conditioners. The hair and scalp must remain in an acidic PH to remain healthy, shiny, and protected from bacteria. I love that Redken products help protect the PH of the hair so that it remains healthier." 

    Matthew at work on  a wig:

    Photos supplied by Matthew Tyldesley. 

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