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    The business of coffee is as much of a regional and local business as it is a corporate one. With plenty of choices out there, it's finding your own niche that determines if your formula is one that connects with consumers. Derby City Espresso's proprietor and barrista, Matthew Landon has found that secret... and home, here in Louisville. 1. What was the inspiration for opening up DCE? I wanted to open a European style espresso bar that made coffee drinks true to their Italian recipes. I wanted the space to be a meeting place for the new community emerging in the East Main/Market Corridor. Mostly I didn't want to have to work for anyone else anymore. 2.. You are located in the heart of downtown. Tell us why you chose that location and how you feel about being a part of bringing people back to downtown? I chose this location because of the potential I saw in the East downtown area. As a Chicago native I have always been attracted to urban landscapes. I wanted to be a part of the modern Louisville downtown and open up somewhere where I had the chance to leave my imprint on the area instead of just being one of many coffeeshops. 3. If you were explaining to someone why they should come to DCE as opposed to another coffee/tea bar, how would you persuade them? We make the best espresso drinks downtown and in addition we have the best beer selection downtown. We also have more loose leaf teas than any other coffee shop in Louisville. 4. What would people be most surprised to learn about DCE? That we serve beer and that we don't open till 11am, oh and that we have an outdoor patio in the back. 5. Give us the rundown on your specialties, special drinks/tastes that DCE has? Our house drink is the BBC Derby City Espresso Stout which we make in partnership with the BBC on Main St. This is an espresso infused stout beer. Each pint contains nearly 5 grams of coffee or about the equivalent of an 8oz cup of joe. I also make several special coffee drinks that no one else in town makes including the 'affogato' (Italian for fogged), this is a shot of espresso poured onto a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. I also make a mocha sludge which is a shot of espresso and a shot of Hershey's chocolate syrup. Basically a mocha minus the moo juice. I also make 'tea shots.' this is where I'll use the espresso machine to make a concentrated tea and then either drink it like a shot or add the shot to milk (ex. Red Rooibos Latte or Yerba Mate Latte or Green Tea Latte). 6. If you could describe DCE in one word, what would it be? Home 7. Since this is tell us your favorite thing about Louisville or why you love being in Louisville? I love Louisville for it's wonderful mix of southern and Midwestern culture. I grew up in Chicago and many of the things I once loved (brick architecture and warehouses) are no longer there or have been gentrified, but I can still see them everyday in Louisville. I love the strong community support I have seen here in the Derby City. This is a great town to have a small local business. 8. If you couldn't have a DCE coffee, what's your second favorite "must-have"? Comic books 9. Anything else you'd like to add? Derby City Espresso - where every shot is a double. Derby City Espresso oepn 11am - 10pm (later if we have an event) 331 E. Market St. Louisville 40202

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