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    Clean and polished hands and feet say a lot about a person.  We are firm believers in that it has nothing to do with vanity, but more to do with hygiene and personal pampering.  Everyone deserves to feel and look their best!  We’re sure a lot of people neglect getting their nails and toes done due to “lack of time”.  There is no excuse now, considering the longest a manicure and pedicure takes is an hour and fifteen minutes at Nail Box.  Even the busiest person can take an hour and fifteen minutes every two weeks to treat themselves right.  We visited Nail Box in St. Matthews to put their knowledge and expertise to the test, and we were not disappointed.  Nail Box has been at 4145 Shelbyville Road for three years, with proprietors Katelyn Huynh and Tee Nguyen at the helm.  We spoke with these lovely ladies and picked their brains for all things nail-related!

    Nail Box carries three polish brands: OPI, China Glaze, and Essie.  Katelyn Huynh’s favorite brand overall is OPI, while her favorite natural color is Essie’s “Mademoiselle”.  When it comes to nail polish, you get what you pay for.  Cheap polish chips easier and dark colored cheap polish stains your nails.

    Shellac is all the rage and doesn’t look like it is going anywhere.  There are many benefits to shellac: it lasts longer over regular polish (regular polish lasts for a week at max, while shellac lasts a minimum of 14 days, garnering the name “the 14 day manicure).  Another benefit is that shellac offers great nail protection as it prevents breaking, resulting in your nails growing faster.  Shellac also does not peel, as they dry completely when applied.  Finally, shellac does not wreak havoc on your nails like acrylic nails do.  Make sure your nail tech does not drill down your nails before applying shellac.  This ruins your nails and is not necessary to apply the shellac.  Have your nail tech buff your nails to apply, and only use the drill to remove shellac. 

    Shellac versus…regular manicure – lasts longer, does not chip...acrylic nails – not as natural as shellac but it still lasts 14 days ; you have to rough your nails up/drill to apply the nails which ruins them ; people prefer shellac because it is more natural...gel nails – sturdier than acrylic and does not lift like the acrylic ; more natural than acrylic but not as natural as shellac ; still have to rough your nails up/drill to apply but not as much damage as acrylic (but still more damage than shellac)

    Moving on to pedicures!  We believe pedicures are a little piece of heaven on earth.  Not only are they relaxing and make you feel pampered, they are good for your health.  Getting a pedicure every 2-3 weeks will make body and soul feel much better.  Pedicures treat ingrown nails and prevent infection, which in turn will save you a trip from the doctor.  The glorious massage that accompanies a pedicure promotes circulation and prevents varicose veins.  Finally, get rid of those pesky calluses with a rub from a pumice bar with bi-weekly pedicures.  Nail Box offers two types of pedicures, their Regular pedicure and Signature pedicure.  The Signature is one step up from the Regular, as it offers a sugar scrubbing, milk mask, wrap with hot towels, paraffin, and deep tissue massage.  Truly pampering!  Guys, pedicures are not just for the ladies.  More and more men go to Nail Box for regular pedicures.  You don’t have to get polish, but getting regular pedicures will keep your feet clean, remove calluses and ingrown nails.  We are sure you’re significant other will appreciate clean feet.

    Tips from Katelyn and Tee: always use primer.  They love Chip Skip and, as Katelyn says, “nothing beats Chip Skip”.  They also recommend Nail Tek, which aids in strengthening and fortifying your nails.  Katelyn and Tee also gave us a list of must have items that everyone needs at home:

    File...Buffer...Nail clippers...Toe nail clippers...Cuticle clippers...Cuticle pusher...Base coat...Top coat...Chip skip

    Look no further than Nail Box to get all of the fantastic treatments that leave you feeling clean, relaxed, and polished (no pun intended).  

    We couldn’t resist sharing some more of our favorite polishes.  “Butter” polish is $14 each and come in a myriad of fabulous colors.  Go to 15 Ounce Premium Denim to find them (and find them toward the end of our pictures)!

    Put your best foot (and hand) forward!

    Fashionably yours,

    Chic Geek

    Check out Nail Box services and prices:

    Acrylic Set $30, Fill $18

    Pink & White $50, Fill $23-$35

    Solar Gel Set $40, Solar Gel Fill $21

    Shellac Manicure $32, Manicure $15, Pedicure $27, Mani & Pedi $38 together

    Nail Box Signature, Manicure $20, Pedicure $38, Mani & Pedi $55 together

    Polish Change $17, Hand $7-10, Toes $10-12

    Nail Art $3 & up

    Soak Off $10

    Nail Box

    4145 Shelbyville Road

    Louisville, KY 40207


    Mon-Sat 9am-7pm

    Closed Sunday

    15 Ounce Premium Denim

    3701 Lexington Road

    Louisville, KY 40207


    Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

    Closed Sunday

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