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    To me (and most), Jimi Hendrix was more than just a rare talent.  He was a spectacle, a singularly and utterly unparalleled musician.  His music and ability still inspires budding musicians to this day. His recordings still leave listeners mesmerized and in awe, wondering “how?” The “Experience Hendrix” concert at The Louisville Palace this past Sunday truly exalted the monumental legacy of Jimi Hendrix and paid an amazing homage to the musician whose spirit is still present and pulsing throughout the music industry.

    The show started with a ten-minute video that gave a quick and captivating look at Hendrix and his most memorable performances.  Living legends like Billy Cox (former member of the Band of Gypsies), who also performed throughout the night, spoke of Hendrix’s greatness during the short video.  After that, Janie Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix’s sister) preluded the performances by inviting all of us to get out of our seats and dance in the aisles as if we were in church: the Electric Church.

    All throughout the night, the familiar and famed tunes of Jimi Hendrix were played.  Songs like “Purple Haze,” “Voodoo Child (Slight Return),” “The Wind Cries Mary” and many more of Hendrix’s recognizable hits were played for the crowd. The performances began with Dweezil Zappa, Billy Cox, Manto Nanji, Chris Layton, Scott Nelson and Henri Brown. They galvanized the crowd with their energy and with guitar solos from Nanji and Zappa that forced us all to recall the mastery of Hendrix. From that point on, the stage was electrified by amazing musicians, non-stop. Ana Popovic brought the crowd to their feet while she stood tall in her heels and masterfully took over the stage with her incredible guitar playing, with and without her slide. Zack Wylde rushed the stage, with his mane in-tow, and barraged the crowd with unmatched vitality, blazing guitar solos and a playing style that rivaled Hendrix’s and kept the crowd roaring during his entire set. Johnny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepard each shredded with supreme command and dexterity that shook the crowd.  Kenny Wayne Shepard’s performance of “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” showcased his own rare gift for music and paid a remarkable tribute to the song and to Hendrix. But perhaps the most defining moment of the concert was when Buddy Guy graced the stage.  At 80 years old, he played the guitar with just as much dexterity, personality, power, genius and presence as a musician of 21. He completely commanded the stage and breathed new life into Hendrix’s songs in a way that only he could.

    The concert and all the musicians were extraordinary. It was truly a testament to the incomparable greatness of Jimi Hendrix. He was a supernaturally gifted artist that combined blues, funk and rock into his own psychedelic musical concoctions that can never be outdone, but that can be (and was) replayed and reimagined by a fleet of impossibly and exceptionally talented musicians.

    Check out the photo gallery of the show below!

    All photos are by John Miller

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