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    Explore the wide world of 'Breastmilk,' presented by Mama's Hip
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    Regular readers (which is all of you, right?) know I'm a father. She's almost four now, and a crazy almost-four years it's been! We've been through a lot, had a lot of upheavals, and now it's just she and I living in domestic bliss. (She is at this moment currently climbing all over me inquiring as to the locations of various friends and family members.) Having a child is a scary thing, as you might imagine. What to do with this helpless little thing? Well, feeding it is a good start. Those little guys are hungry from all the effort it takes to squeeze through a tiny tunnel. We discovered something pretty quickly though: for something as natural as breastfeeding, it can be remarkably complicated! My daughter had a lot of trouble latching on to the breast, and eventually, sorry to say, these efforts needed to be given up.

    Breast milk is the absolute best thing a child can have – obviously – and formula is not nearly as beneficial. Plus it is incredibly expensive! If you don't breastfeed, expect to spend an extra $200 a month to keep your kid on formula – and that's money you don't necessarily have.

    There are a lot of disparate thoughts and ideas floating around on the idea of breastfeeding, but the bottom line is, it is what is best for the child. It's the way nature works, and there is no substitute for that. This is the idea explored by the documentary Breastmilk, screening tonight at 7:00 at the Trilliquin Center and presented by Mama's Hip.

    Tickets for this screening are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. The Trilliquin Center is located at 2108 Bardstown Road, Suite B. Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at Mama's Hip, located at 1559 Bardstown Road.

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