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    Family Matters: Author Lindsey Apple sheds light on the legacy of Henry Clay’s f
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    We all learn from a very young age that we have absolutely no choice in matters of familial ties.  Dad’s nose, Mom’s lips and all of their oh-so-incredibly-unfair rulings force their genetic and parental wills upon us without the slightest inkling of a nod to our own wills.  Honey Badger just don’t care.  And while the degree to which you enjoy (or estrange) your own blood relatives may vary, it does not change the fact that your own family story is unique.  For better or for worse. 

    In the case of famous historical politicker, Henry Clay, the story of his descendents – although less-remembered – is one dotted with its own blend of triumphs and trials.  Often overshadowed by the famous political patriarch, the chronicle of Henry Clay’s clan is brought bubbling to the surface once more by former professor, Lindsey Apple.  Delving into the depths of this illustrious family and their legacy, Apple unearths a treasure trove of long-neglected tidbits and highlights the accomplishments – and struggles – of generations of Clay clan members in his new book, The Family Legacy of Henry Clay: The Shadow of a Kentucky Patriarch.

    Apple, a retired professor and former chair of History at Georgetown College, is the editor of Scott County: A History and the author of a second Clay family chronicle, Cautions Rebel: A Biography of Susan Clay Sawtzky.  With good history smarts already tested in print, Apple will present the Clay family and his new release tomorrow, March 13th at The Filson Historical Society.  Beginning at noon, join Apple for an enlightening look at the tale behind the legendary “Great Compromiser”.

    This event is free and open to the public, but reservations are suggested.  The Filson Historical Society is located at 1310 South Third Street.  For more information about this event, The Filson and how to become a member, visit the website or call (502) 635-5083.

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