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    Fandom Fest 2015: The Cosplay Experience
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    Fandom Fest comes once a year to satisfy the inner freak and geek in all of us, from gamers to comic book enthusiasts to Carrie Fisher fanatics. For three days in August it's a chance to buy must-have trades, meet celebs and totally nerd out with other nerds! It also invites anybody to be anybody: a perfect place to bust out your best pair of tights or tote your light saber without anyone giving you a second glance, except to maybe stop and say “Cool saber dude. Does it light up?”

    Cosplay, a shortened term for “costume and play," is a fundamental part of every convention. Love it, hate it, live and breathe it or simply accept it, it’s everywhere, and it’s mind blowing. 

    Here are our favorite creatures, ghouls and characters from this year’s convention:

    Top Five:

    #1 Spiderman and Doctor Octopus 











    #2 Deadpool with Surge

    (Katie Molck)
    #3 The Joker and Harley Quinn 

    #4 Jedi 

    #5 Victor Fries AKA Mr. Freeze 


    Honorable Mentions:


    Check out the rest of the Fandom Fest experience in the slide show below.

    Photos by Aaron Mikel unless otherwise noted

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