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    A handful of supporters of Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green showed up today in front of Metro Hall, to protest the recommendation of the Metro Ethics Commission that she be removed from office.  Saying that the 1st District Democrat has been the victim of “a dirty game of politics,” members of the group said they will fight alongside her, “tooth and nail,” until the end.

    "Sister Green, do not even think about resigning. Stay in there and do your job. We are in support of you," said Reverend Charles Elliott with King Solomon Church.  He went on to say, “Those who are saying Sister Green have done something unethical, she may have, but she have done what’s right.  And right is what wins.”

    Gracie Lewis, who indicated she is one of Councilwoman Green’s constituents, said, "All this woman decided to do was to help young people have a quality life and that's all she has been guilty of."  Playing the race card, she continued, "When is white America going to wake up and realize we are not stupid? We are not stupid. Every cent of this program money has been accounted for."

    Friday afternoon, Louisville’s Metro Ethics Commission recommended the removal of Councilwoman Green from office; finding that she violated ethics laws by mishandling funds and improperly paying extra money to her family members.  Handing down the harshest penalty available, the Commission voted unanimously to find Green guilty of violating ethics laws on at least four occasions.

    Councilwoman Green was defiant on Friday, after learning of the unanimous vote of the Commission to recommend her removal from office for multiple ethical lapses.  She adamantly told a reporter that she would not resign, and called the Ethics Commission hearings a “sham” and “waste of taxpayer money.”

    Word around City Hall is that Councilwoman Green’s 25 colleagues on the Metro Council have already commenced the process to remove her from office.  Under Kentucky law, a Metro Council member can be removed from office for “misconduct, incapacity or willful neglect in the performance of duties.”  The mayor or five members of the Metro Council could bring charges against the council member seeking to have that person removed.  If the mayor brings the charges, the entire council would serve as a court and determine whether the member is to be removed, but if the charges are brought by five council members, the remaining 21 council members make the determination.

    It will take a two-thirds-majority vote of the members sitting as a court to remove a council member, and no elected officer can be removed without having been given the right to a full public hearing.  The council member may appeal removal to circuit court and from there to the Court of Appeals.

    As Cary Grant once said, in the movie “Only Angels Have Wings:”  “Judy!  Judy!  Judy!”

    Metro Ethics Commission Findings

    WHAS-11’s Gene Kang reports:

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