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    The Fern Creek Farmers Market is now accepting applications for the stall rentals on their website. The web address is The link to get the application and send it in is on that page. This is a great place to get out there and sell some of your goods. So hurry up and sign up farmers, for a chance to get a spot in a great place to sell your locally grown items. There is also a chance for volunteering at the website if you need some volunteer credit. When volunteering at the market you will be helping set up and take down the market as well as greeting people.

    To others looking for something at this market you will be at a great place to stop and grab some healthy foods in this upcoming season. One of the best things about the farmers market is that there is always home grown food there that promotes Louisville and our economy. Farmers markets are great places to find some of the healthiest foods out there, especially if you don’t have time to have a small garden of your own. I know I am personally not the best gardener, trust me I’ve tried. But that is one of the great things we can find from our farmers markets, locally grown products that can be purchased to help our farmers keep up their great jobs. You are getting fresh products that aren’t sitting on the shelves of stores for weeks. This farmers market is a great place to stop by and pick up that fresh produce you’ve been waiting for.

    And even on top of all this they are looking for entertainment and sponsorships. They were looking for any type of entertainment (information found by clicking link above) to play when they open up. They even are looking for Special Market Vendors with samples of their food and more. This will help locally run stores out by promoting your business, more information is located at their site if you’re interested. So not only is the Fern Creek Farmers Market looking to help out the farmers but also its local restaurants and entertainment providers.

    Photo is not mine, found online from veggitales.

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