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    My intentions were good.  I'd set out far later this morning that I'd anticipated, to hit up a farmers market other than the one most local to me.  I thought I'd try something new, seek out some new farmers, and begin my official quest for the best locally-laid egg.

    You see, as all my friends know, since moving to Kentucky, and becoming both a mom, and a slightly snobbish homemade food foodie, I am completely obsessed with chickens.

    If you were awake in the wee hours of this morning just before 2:00 a.m., you may have caught at least a hint of the torrential downpour that kept me tossing and turning, and fantasizing about chickens.  It doesn't help that Wave3 covered urban Louisville chickens in December, or that the LEO just teased me with its own coverage.  I want chickens like a young boy craves the companionship of a puppy.

    As a woman who's passionate about supporting local agriculture, who has done all her research, and has as many farmers markets and Kentucky farms bookmarked on her laptop as is possible, I didn't know where I was going.  Instead of double-checking on a trustworthy map, I instead trusted some poorly-linked Mapquest garbage map that sent me too far east, where I ended up at a farm that sold superb flowers and plants for gardens and landscaping, but that had no eggs.

    Goodness be, no flippin' eggs!

    I had to spend a little time decompressing from the disappointment of coming home without eggs, which was initially made better with the thrifty purchase of some sweet gardening nothings from a yard sale a few houses down my street…until I discovered in a headlong glance that my neighbor was harboring a laying hen in her back yard.

    Be still, my beating heart!

    Then, I remembered my Louisville Green Guide.  For the map-challenged, a category in which I now humbly lump myself, is about to make my farmers market hunting easier by snickering at me with its handy Google Map.

    Thank you, Louisville Green Guide.  I will soon have my fresh, local eggs.  And, I may be able to tame my desire for backyard chickens just a little longer.

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    About Rachel Hurd Anger

    Rachel is a freelance writer who enjoys running in our metro parks, drinking local beer, and raising suburban chickens. Most recently she has contributed to a special edition of Chickens magazine.

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