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    With February 14th fast approaching, many people are thinking of hearts.  The pink kind. The red kind. The lacey kind. Some are made of construction paper, and others are made of hefty cardstock. Some are funny, some are romantic, and some have a variety of sweet nothings written on them. 

    But after Valentine’s Day is over— after the gifts are exchanged, the dinners and desserts eaten, the hugs and kisses shared—how many people give those hearts a second thought? 

    Well, here’s a reason to keep thinking of hearts through February 16th. 

    Noah is a very special 3-year-old, and he has a heart that needs mended. He was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), the left ventricle of his heart never developed. His fourth open heart surgery (Fontan procedure) was last Tuesday, which hopefully should be the last one he needs. 

    (Here’s a video about him and his surgery: do not watch anywhere you would be embarrassed to cry.)

    These surgeries rerouted his blood flow entirely, the right atrium now pulls blood from his lungs, his right ventricle pumps blood out to his body, and his left atrium pulls deoxygenated blood from his body. Residual pressure is all that pushes blood to his lungs, normally the job of the right ventricle. In the week that followed his operation, his lungs partially collapsed (which isn't unusual with this surgery) and his left lung is having problems with fluid buildup. 

    He needs help. 

    In addition to the massive expenses of the operation, a one to six week-long hospital stay, and months of recovery at home, his mother, Judy Huebner, who is his sole financial support, won't be able to work for some time in order to care for him. 

    A benefit concert to help pay Noah’s medical bills is being held this Sunday, February 16, at Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar—featuring such groups as The Predators, Toad Strangler, Boscoe France, Soul Circus and Big Black Cadillac. Doors open at 4 pm, music starts at 5. $10 donation is asked for entry, and there will be a silent auction, as well as Mend Noah's Heart t-shirts for sale.

    Please come, support, and help Mend Noah’s Heart.

    Stevie Ray's Blues Bar

    230 E Main St, Louisville, KY 40202

    (502) 582-9945

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