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    Never in my life have I witnessed such a scene.  Having come off covering a peaceful hard rock festival, a fight actually broke out at David Gray's visit last night.  I ran into an old friend and we were soaking in the show when all of the sudden you hear the unmistakable sound of fist on face.  Unreal Louisville, at a shocking level.

    Let's not harp on the negative as that was truly the only hiccup in an amazing evening.  Love to say I told you so, but he did break out 'Sail Away' and 'Babylon' and the magical evening was really choc full of wondrous sounds of Mutineers.  For almost 2 hours David brought the house down, lifted it up, and mixed it up to a flawless level. To say the man is a seasoned veteran is an understatement and the crowd was warm and receptive.  Overall a great job by most attendees and to the festive young woman a couple rows back, we know you really 'LOVE YOU DAYVIIID!!!!'

    Many thanks to Live Nation, The Palace, and especially Mr. Gray.

    Photo Credit: Glenn Hirsch (penalty for thievery is to sit in Row U, Orchestra 2, for the next show)

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