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    "Annnd action..." That's the phrase that sets things in motion on a film set while "that's a wrap" signals that shooting is complete. Everything in between is a miracle forged by hard work from a lot of people. Two local filmmakers will be showing off their hard work at Open Gallery on January 22, 2015 at 7 p.m.

    "The Hush" is a 24 minute film by local writer Dustin Meyer, who is making his directorial debut. The narrative film tells the story of a man who loses everything he has; he puts everything back together by living in his dreams. Many popular Louisville locations in Downtown, Germantown and the Highlands are featured in the film. The protagonist is played by Atlanta based actor Jack Byrd (Anchorman 2). His love interest is played by Louisville actress and VilleTv host Katie Stewart-Saunders; even nationally known poet and co-founder of Gonzofest Ron Whitehead makes a cameo in the film. 

    "My favorite part about making this film," said Meyer, "Is bringing the poetic into a Louisville film. I have always been what I consider a vivid dreamer."

    Tyler McDaniel will also be screening his short film "Noted" (18 minutes)  about a girl who ends up on a surreal adventure when she runs out of room in her notebook and sets out to find more paper. According to McDaniel, the film cast is made of a "motley crew of friends," and the most well known actor in the film is probably the puppet from Squallis Puppeteers.

    "For a few years, I had this idea to make a film about someone who loses a notebook and has a surreal adventure," said McDaniel. "I couldn't quite figure out how to make it work, though. Then, one day I was sitting with Rachel (lead actress), doing some writing and one of the usual overly loud Louisville planes went by overhead. I had this image in my head of viewing the plane from below and it turning into a paper airplane. From there, I envisioned Rachel in the role, and she basically acted as a muse. So, the inspiration came from Rachel, paper, and a noisy airplane."

    There will be a question and answer session with the writer/directors following the screenings. There is no charge to attend, although a suggested donation of $5 per person is appreciated, which isn't bad for an evening of entertainment. Open Gallery features many events supporting artists of all types. They are located at 2801 S. Floyd St across from the stadium. The contemporary art gallery houses four resident artists and five studios. 

    Trailer for "Noted":



    noted. - Official Trailer from Michael Tyler McDaniel on Vimeo.

    Photograph: Top: Production still from  "Noted." Squallis Puppeteers' puppet speaks to the lead actress. Provided by Tyler McDaniel. Right: Director of Photography Justin Connelly on the set of "The Hush." Provided by DM Meyer. 

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