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    Final thoughts on Waterfront Fashion Week 2012 [Fashion]
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    One week has passed since Louisville’s first-ever Waterfront Fashion Week took place under the Big Four Bridge at Waterfront Park. In the four nights of the affair, fabulous fashions and fierce competitions captured the eyes, imaginations and desires of everyone in attendance. Even Rarity, my fashion blog’s mascot, enjoyed the festivities, having joined yours truly for the final night under the tent.

    What did everyone have to say about the four-night festival of style along the Ohio River? I present to you my collection of stylish quotes for the season, gathered from designers, bloggers and the organizers who were there on the final night of Waterfront Fashion Week 2012.

    What are your personal thoughts regarding Louisville’s first-ever fashion week?

    Melissa Willis, Les Filles Boutique: "It's exciting to be part of the very first year. I think that it has a lot of potential to grow, and just get better and better every year."

    Miranda Rogers McDonald, The Chic Sheet: "As far as the first year, I think it's really great what they're doing, and this is just a stepping stone, a sort of a springboard, to what's going to become a permanent fixture here in Louisville."

    Peggy Hagerty Duffy, Operations Director for Waterfront Fashion Week: "I am super happy with the success. We had a lot of people come out, a lot of people who were a bit skeptical, and I think we had some great shows with some really interesting content. And I think people had a lot of fun."

    What did you like about Waterfront Fashion Week?

    Heather French Henry, Heather French Henry Collection: "Certainly, living here in Louisville, it's always nice when you get to see a piece of global fashion here in Louisville where the public can feel like they're a part of something that reaches beyond Louisville."

    Lauren Rambo, SOUTH x STYLE: "The setup. It's amazing. It's gorgeous. Plus, one of the models blew me away. Her name's Joia. She wasn't even in the top 10, which I was shocked about. She just has the walk. She has the look. She has the body. I thought she was the entire package."

    Jennifer Pfanenstiel, Formé Millinery: "I like how they're not just featuring Kentucky designers, but they're also bringing in designers from all over the country -- and the world, actually -- to feature here, and perhaps it's gonna be, someday, a really big world event."


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