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    A few years back two thirtysomethings met. Their first two dates were okay, but they decided to give it another try. On their third date they went with friends to see Rusty Z, the Hypno Hipster at Comedy Caravan—and after being hypnotized on stage, knew they wanted to be together always!

    That was my then-boyfriend and me, and we've now been married six years (and possibly are still under hypnosis). And we’re not the only ones who’ve wound up in committed relationships/marriages after hanging with the Hypno Hipster. I'm here to tell you, friends, that you too can find love at Rusty Z’s Groovy Hypno-A-Go-Go Hypnosis Party!

    Rusty was a professional stand-up comic for 10 years before discovering hypnosis and using his powers for good—and guffaws—after working with a “comedy hypnotist” who just wasn’t funny. He’s also a hypnotherapist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists who has helped people stop smoking, lose weight, sleep better and study more efficiently but says, “Practically anyone can learn hypnotic skills but I believe you're either born funny or you're not. I was given a gift of funniness and I'm going to use it!”

    If you want to get in on the act, know that you wouldn't do anything under hypnosis that you aren't open to normally and/or wouldn't do after a couple of drinks. (In fact, you've probably made a bigger fool of yourself after a couple of drinks than anything you could do onstage.) No one can make you go up there, either; you volunteer, and even then hypnosis requires cooperation on your part in the form of relaxation. Besides, even if you’re just watching, don’t you feel relaxed after a hearty laugh?

    Catch Rusty Z's 18-and-over act at Comedy Caravan, 1250 Bardstown Road in Mid-City Mall, from Wednesday, March 3 through Sunday, March 7. Tickets are $8–12 and are available at or 459-0022.

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    Photo: Courtesy Comedy Caravan

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