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    I live one block from a Trolley Hop stop. In the winter, the signs are a horrible taunt. "Gosh," they say to me, "Imagine how much fun you'd be having if it was nice out. Trolley hops bring together so many things you like; free booze, sexy hipsters and the delightful pretense of public transportation in a committed car city." Quite a vocabulary for an inanimate object, I know, but even the street signs in my neighborhood have a Master's degree. My trolley hop sign's parents wanted it to grow up to become a respectable highway exit sign, but it took too many art classes in college. Now it's lucky to have work at all. No wonder it bitterly taunted me during our record February snows.

    There's no need for taunting now that the weather's absolutely gorgeous outside. Today is the first Friday in June and that means one thing - it's time for the suburbs to invade downtown.

    Most people stick to the Main Street Strip. I don't blame you. It's dense with things to do. However, on a gorgeous night like this you should sneak over to the East Market Street district while you're downtown. I have two words for you: Cake Flour. Okay, I have a few other words, too. Joe Ley's Antiques may not be open, but I love staring at the randomness assembled outside their building. At the other end of East Market, you can oogle sweaty, goggle clad and heavily gloved artists as they turn molten puddles of glass into something of beauty.

    Ride the free trolleys, drink the free wine, meander through the free museum exhibits. Heck, if you're in a mood, bring along your own bucket of chalk and see how many people you can talk into drawing on the sidewalks with you.

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