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    I went to the

    Flea Off


     with my best friend Jamie back in April. I had always heard great things about the market, but I did not realize how much I would love it until I actually had the chance to visit. This flea market is located off of Market Street here in Louisville, and it has several vendors that sell a variety of items, such as books, records, antiques, jewelry, clothing, handmade goods, artwork, and so much more. There is live music and entertainment for all ages. Plus, there are several food trucks that are parked to curb any hunger that might arise; and trust me, it is well worth it to eat from any food truck at this fair.

    Jamie and I walked from booth to booth, and we looked at all of the treasures that each vendor had to offer. There were so many interesting things to look at along with the items that were being sold, such as a glassblower, a blacksmith, a fire blower, and even a juggler.

    This booth from 

    Lily In Flux

     was my absolute favorite. I wanted to buy a wine stopper so bad, but I am just too frugal. Lizz also had jewelry that she created from knives and spoons, and other pieces made with vintage objects and antique materials, such as faucets and typewriter keys. I just wanted to buy it all because each item was so unique.

    We decided to grab something to eat after we walked around the entire flea market. We looked over the menu at the 


    Molé Taco Truck

    . All of the items were served from the tiny, white window, and it all looked so delicious. Jamie and I ordered the



    con kimchi

     torta, which is a sandwich composed of braised pork, pickled cabbage, chipotle mayonnaise, queso fresco, and avocado. I just have to say that it was heavenly.

    Our next stop was with a man known as 

    John the Balloon Guy

    . John is the master craftsman behind all sorts of balloon creations. He made a hat for Jamie, and then he made me a flower. We got to choose our colors, and the only payment that we had to provide was a tip for his time. It was so great to watch him twist and bend the balloons, but I have to admit that I was nervous about it because I was just waiting for one to pop. 

    I had to try one of the cocktails before we left, so I ordered the Ginger Julep. It was a concoction blended with bourbon, soda, ginger syrup, lime, and mint. It was tasty and boozy, and it was just a great drink to accompany the end to our day.

    There were so many things that I loved when I went for the first time, but listing all of those reasons could probably go on forever. To put it simply, I have narrowed the list down to five reasons: 1) I have gone to flea markets since I was kid, but this one is so unique and nothing like I have ever seen before. 2) The food trucks are nothing but amazing. T

    he Holy 

    Molé Taco Truck

     was fantastic, and the flea market has other food trucks that come, such as



    502 Cafe

    , and many more. 3) The live entertainment is phenomenal. Like I said, when I went there was a

     glassblower, a blacksmith, a fire blower, and a juggler. It doesn't get any better than that. Plus, there are bands that come perform from time to time! 4) The cocktails are so tasty and inventive. I really enjoyed the Ginger Julep that I had, but I have yet to try the Flea Tea, 

    Flea-arita, or the Bloody Mary. 5) Lastly, there are so many great things to see, and The Flea Off Market is the perfect place to spend the day with anyone. I am so looking forward to going again. It is a shame that it only happens during the first weekend of each month, but I guess that just makes it something to look forward to. 

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    My name is Krystin. I live in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. I love to take pictures, support local businesses, drink tons of coffee, and write about this wonderful thing called life.

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