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    The Floyd Theater hosts the world premiere of 'Everything's Relative'
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    “It's not Einstein – it's Eisenstein.” A fair mistake to make, I suppose, although the two gentlemen are [were] completely different (aside from crazy hair [and does anybody else feel like Eisenstein maybe influenced Jack Nance's hair style in Eraserhead?]) Sergei Eisenstein is the greatest Russian filmmaker of the silent era, renowned for his highly effective propaganda films, including October, which dramatizes the October Revolution of 1917, and, probably his best known, Battleship Potemkin, which tells the story of the battleship whose crew mutinied against their Tsarist officers in 1905. (If you've seen the Woody Allen film Bananas, it borrows heavily from this film's imagery, as do many other films.)

    Eisenstein is a big deal, and is the focus of the new film by Matthew Rivera and Evan Sennett, whose previous films The Executive and Writing the Big One (parodies of silent comedy and film noir, respectively) quickly achieved not a little acclaim on the local film circuit. In the new film, Everything's Relative, high school student Max Abner has a thing for a certain girl, and in a moment of panic blurts out that he is organizing a Sergei Eisenstein film festival – which he is not. Now he has to scramble to make it happen, to win the girl of his dreams.

    Everything's Relative will have its premiere tomorrow, Saturday, at the Floyd Theater, located on the third floor of the Student Activities Center on the U of L campus. The film will screen at 7:00 and 9:00. Admission is $5, and the cast and crew will be present for a post-viewing Q&A. Complete information can be found at the event's Facebook page.

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