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    The Floyd Theater is now accepting submissions for the upcoming Floyd Film Festi
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    I've said it before. I'm sure I'll say it many times again. Louisville is a good city for independent filmmakers. How many people grow up wanting to make movies? I did. My friends did. Kids dream of moving to L.A., getting “discovered,” being famous. Or maybe you don't care about being famous – you just love movies, see the art in it, feel the artist inside you, and want to be a part of this whole wonderful world. Through my position here at this online publication, I have had the opportunity to meet many very talented people, some of whom have achieved nationwide distribution with their low-budget films, some of whom have not but are still known locally in filmmaking circles and are producing some excellent work.

    To make a movie, all you need is an idea, some basic equipment, and some friends to help make it happen (because, let's face it, you need actors). The creative spirit is fostered by limitations, so don't worry about money or complicated issues. I made a short film using only a handheld digital camcorder, and the only money I spent was on donuts and coffee for my friends as thanks for helping me out. I'm pleased with the results.

    Regular readers are familiar with the Floyd Theater at U of L and their weekly film showcases. Now, they are doing something different: the Floyd Film Festival, which will take place in April. What they need for now are, of course, films. This is where you come in. Have you made a film? Do you want to make a film? This is your chance to possibly get it shown and win some prizes.

    Specifications: films must be 15-20 minutes in length. They must be submitted in DVD format. They will be judged on sound, lighting, overall quality, writing, concept, acting, directing, and originality. Prizes include a green screen / lighting set, a shotgun mic, a camera jib crane, and that all-important clapboard slate. Submit films to room 310 in the Student Activities Center, located on the U of L campus.

    March 22 is the submission deadline, so, in the words of the great Lloyd Kaufman, “Let's make some art!”

    Complete information can be found at the Facebook event page.

    Image: Facebook event page

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