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    The Floyd Theater presents 'The Heat'
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    You know, when Bridesmaids came out, I really hated it. Like, intensely. Everybody was talking about how funny it was – everybody – and then it got nominated for TWO Academy Awards (Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress [Melissa McCarthy]), which is impressive for, frankly, a chick flick (the label applies, I think, despite the devoted male fan base). Hated it. I couldn't believe it got nominated especially for the Screenplay Oscar. It was, to me, not only not funny, but the main character was a pathetic wretch who brought everything upon herself and didn't deserve our sympathy – thus, her shenanigans were aggravating, not amusing. But then I started dating somebody who loved the movie and I thought our relationship was doomed. But we talked about it – a lot – and discussed the complexity of relationships, the mentality of depression, why people cling to unhealthy things and how human that really is, and what happens when you've accepted something bad as the norm and how confusing it can be when presented with something actually healthy. Then I watched it again – and now I'm a fan. Not because I necessarily think it's any more funny – still don't think it should have gotten that Oscar nomination – but because I now see it as an interesting exploration of the complexities of the search for emotional fulfillment.

    Frankly, that first paragraph ran on a lot longer than intended, so let's get to the point, which is director Paul Feig. He hit solid gold with audiences when he directed Bridesmaids, and this year he put out a new film: The Heat, playing this weekend at the Floyd Theater. He teams up with Melissa McCarthy again and throws Sandra Bullock into the mix as two cops, the former delightfully coarse and uncouth, the latter a really obvious foil as the straight-laced officer who needs to loosen up in order to solve the case, which has to do with drugs, I guess.

    The Heat is playing tonight (Friday) and tomorrow at 5:00 and 8:00. The Floyd Theater is located on the third floor of the Student Activities Center on the U of L campus. Complete details can be found at the Facebook event page.

    (P.S. While there, pick up tickets for the advance screening of Don Jon, the new film coming out directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Details of this special free preview can be found here.)

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