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    Local artist Jeff Gaither and Justin Helton of Status Serigraph, Knoxville, Tennessee, are the 2 artist on exhibit now at Revelry. This exhibit is in co-ordination with the Forecastle X Festival. The Forecastle X Festival is a port-of-call where the world gathers to experience the best in Music, Art, and Activism®.  A celebration of sights, sounds, and sustainability, Forecastle connects travelers North, South, East, and West. Merging entertainment with education, Forecastle inspires a voyage of personal growth and global change. The 10th Anniversary festival, July 13 - 15, 2012, is expected to draw 30,000 patrons to the Louisville Waterfront ~ part of a scenic, $60 million dollar riverfront investment which attracts 1.5 million visitors a year. 

    Justin Helton, a one man studio, is a graphic designer that has created poster work for bands like My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Old Crow Medicine Show and Phish. He also has designed materials for some of the musical festivals and entertainment avenues as, Austin City Limits, The Bijou Theater, Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. Helton prints are fresh and quirky. Each design unique and all 22 posters that were exhibited had a different motif, yet the typography and blending of the design on each poster remained the same. His concepts are consistent and strong. The illustrations on each poster are a twist on another time and place, without crossing lines. Since 2005, Helton has become one of the most sought after young designers in the Southeast. After viewing and in appreciation of his work you can see why.

    Jeff Gaither, artist, collector of true crime memorabilia, graphic designer, sculptor, designer and collector of horror artifacts, has been in business for over 35 years and started publishing when he was 16 years old. Along with the over 400 CD covers, he has created billboards ads and his art adorns the covers of Velocity, Wire and The Saturday Scene among many other magazines.

    Jeff has created for Forecastle X from the beginning and before the first poster in the nautical design stated, “it was a sort of created like a “Picasso” version.” Captain JK McKnight and Gaither discussed the designs and explained he, “continued the Picasso theme and included a nautical design,” and as the festival grew, first in Tyler Park then in Mellwood, Cherokee Park, Belvedere and eventually Bonnaroo, the ships grew and progressed. He added a version of the ship holding guitar, ship being lifted by balloons, moving up and attached to a blimp. The steam punk look is an anachronistic and futuristic design that is very pleasing to the eye and desirable for collectors. The 10th anniversary poster for Forecastle X, although it will also have the ship, is set to have a more “oceanic” view and as not to spoil the unveiling; watch for it because it is definitely an artistic masterpiece.      

    Jeff’s more notable oddities are his true crime and horror designs. He has received letters “as a fan” from noted killers John Wayne Gacy, Night Stalker, Charles Manson and Son of Sam. His horror creations include the mascot for the popular 9 star local haunted attraction, The Asylum Haunted Scream Park.

    Revelry’s Forecastle X Poster Unveil art show wrapped up with a celebration that continued at the Monkey Wrench, just a block south of Revelry, and the promise of what Forecastle X Festival 2012 will have to offer is proving to be a must for music lovers.

    Artist - Jeff Gaither’s contact:

    Artist - Justin Helton’s contact:

    Captain JK McKnight - Forecastle Founder:

    Revelry Boutique - Gallery

    980 Barret Ave.

    Louisville, KY 40204


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