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    Here’s what you can take home free if you spend $150 for admission.


    Merrell wins for giving away the single most practical item of the weekend. It doesn’t look like much, but you’ll see a ton of people sporting Yowie headwraps. For those of us who weren’t smart enough to show up wearing a ponytail, these things are a sweat reducing lifesaver.

    (Find them to the right of the main stage, off the sidewalk and past the Smoking Lounge)


    Coke Zero has a huge van out there giving away free samples. They’re only about 4 ounces, but they’re ice cold and you can get in line as many times as you want. If you’ve already spent your wad on excellent fast food curry, a band t-shirt, and a new glass pipe, this is your key to not keeling over from dehydration. They also sporadically offer some prize drawings for other Coke Zero swag, but really, you’re there for the free cold drinks.

    (Find them to the left of the main stage between the food booths and the Red Bull vendor. It’s a ginormous trailer.)


    Toyota is jumping on the reusable tote bag bandwagon by offering you one when you sign up to win a Prius. It’ll take a minute, because they hand silk screen an image on the back. If you don’t plan on wearing your new band t-shirt around all day the bags are incredibly practical.

    (Find them near the food court area, straight back from the main stage and woven in with the art booths.)


    I freely admit I have a big crush on MagBooth. It doesn’t matter if I see them on a streetcorner or at a $500 a plate gala - I’ll be in line wearing a toy Viking helmet and a cheezy grin.

    Roobie Red Tea has a rare color MagBooth available for free. Bring a friend. The photos are a ton of fun. They’re also offering samples of Roobie Red Tea (the peach is my favorite), but they’re in understandably sized dixie cups. This will give you a taste rather than save you from dehydration.

    Toyota also has a photo booth option where you pose inside one of their cars. I didn’t see anyone take them up on it whereas the MagBooth always had a line.

    (Find them near the food court area, a few booths down from the Toyota display.)

    Photo credit Chris-Rachael Oseland.

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