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    We've got a challenge for all you Forecastle fans. Below is a list of 25 things we want you to find and photograph at Forecastle. Some of these — like a beach ball — will be easy to track down. Others — like a selfie with one of the bands — will be tough. And some — like "love" — are open to interpretation. If you find something on the list, snap a pic of it and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ForecastleFinds. You must include the hashtag to participate. Whoever gets the most items on the list will have their photos featured in the September issue of Louisville Magazine, and whoever finds all 25 first will win two tickets to our Swig Party in December — a $100 value. The Swig party celebrates the repeal of Prohibition, and it's one of the best blowout bashes of the year. 

    1. Someone on stilts
    2. Contraband
    3. Someone sleeping
    4. Vape
    5. CamelBak
    6. Someone hocking (or rocking) hemp
    7. Face paint
    8. Beach ball
    9. Frisbee
    10. Bandana
    11. Someone on top of someone else’s shoulders
    12. Big hat
    13. “Love”
    14. Bourbon slushy
    15. Flowers in hair
    16. Shirtless dude
    17. Facial piercing
    18. “Devastation”
    19. Man bun
    20. Fleur-de-lis tattoo
    21. Hair dyed a color of the rainbow
    22. Sunburn
    23. Glitter
    24. Funny T-shirt
    25. Selfie with a musician who is on the official Forecastle lineup.

    Cover photo by John Miller

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