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    If you ever came across me when I'm out and about scouring the beer aisle for my weekly review you would probably wonder what the heck I'm doing.  I get all wide-eyed like you would expect of a small child walking through Toys R Us and I pace back and forth mulling my selections.  I'm fairly certain that the guys at Old Town Wine & Spirits have probably suspected me of casing the joint before.  I have to be selective because, unfortunately, I am not a man of unlimited funds (I hope this is not always the case, and if anyone out there would like to pay me unlimited funds please contact me after you read this).  Last night my selection was Founders Imperial Stout, and what a good selection it was.

    After I took off the cap and began to pour I had to double take at the beautiful, dark appearance.  It was so dark that it was reminiscent of used motor oil visually, but smelled so much better.  The delicious aroma of espresso, chocolate, warm bread, and caramel fluttered around me.  As I finished pouring the two fingered head billowed in my glass and was so thick and creamy that I immediately thought it resembled chocolate whipped cream.  Taste wise it was everything it was building itself up to be.  This rich and creamy brew packed the flavor that the aromas led me to believe it would with a nice hop bitterness on the back end that I felt was very cleansing of the palette...preparing me for the next sip.  I drank it at room temperature and would recommend doing the same if you pick up a bottle.  Actually, pick up a couple extra and age them because this may even be a better beer a year from now; at 10.5% ABV and packing a strong 90 IBUs this Imperial Stout will age very well.  

    As is normal for me when writing these reviews I never look at other reviews beforehand, but it is always nice to see when others agree with me.  After checking and I found that the two had overall scores of 95 and 100 respectively, basically meaning that this is a world-class beer in the opinion of many drinkers.  Its definitely one of the tastiest stouts I've ever had, and just proves to me that all of my deliberation is worth it and that my instincts are unparalleled.  

    If you ever see me out roaming the beer aisle then say "hey" or even "hey stupid, pick one already."  If you wonder how to find out where I'm at, or what I'm thinking at any given time, then follow Lville Beer on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, because its usually someplace/something awesome.

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