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    It's not every day I see the burned down husk of a building sporting a hand made sign begging strangers to please call this number and take it for free. 

    Most of Frankfort Avenue is a charmingly gentrified walkable neighborhood. You'll find a lot of residents who graduated from the Highlands bar scene but still wanted to live walking distance from restaurants, yoga, and art. Real estate on the strip is precious - which makes it pretty surprising to find a dilapidated mansion that looks like a cross between a meth house and the site of a Scooby Doo murder mystery. 

    The 19th century Queen Anne style mansion next to Genny's Diner has had a rough decade. In 2000, it looked like this. 

    This week, it looks like this.

    Between 2000 and the present the building was purchased by the owner of neighboring Genny's Diner, fell into neglect, declared part of a Local Landmark District, and caught on fire twice. There's vigorous local debate over why a building that survived over a century without burning once suddenly caught fire twice in one decade. 

    Courts have repeatedly ordered the owner to bring the place up to code, but doing so would cost at least $300,000. Now the owner is facing a $50,000 fine or 1 year of jail time if he doesn't comply, so he's quite literally giving the building away to anyone who promises to take the repair bill off his hands. 

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