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    When media outlets spat it reminds me about the time in high school (no, I didn't go to Trinity or Saint X, but thanks for asking) when two students in the special ed class got in a put-down fight in the bathroom: it doesn't matter who wins, neither party looks pretty and everyone else ends up laughing.LEO's (alleged) opening salvoWednesday's LEO included this promo: "In today’s world of blogs, vlogs, Tweets and chain e-mails, a printed newspaper may seem a little old-fashioned. And it is. At least in the sense that LEO still produces real quality journalism with–get this–verified sources. Sounds almost quaint, huh?"Mojo parriesRick Redding, Mojo's editor, responded on Thursday: "Actually, sounds a little dumb to be taking shots at people like us, who have way more readers than they do. And the last word."LEO strikes backAh, but LEO has blogs too. And a Twitter account. (Did it forget about them when it wrote the promo?) And today it used those new media tools to respond to the new media reporter's complaints about old media not taking new media seriously by retorting in a very new media way: "We were going to poke fun at the blogger-in-chief, until we noticed the web advertisement on Mojo, which shows Redding’s (much younger, chiseled) frame standing over 500-feet tall. No way we’re going to mess with him." For the record:
    • I like totally need to check out Rick the next time I see him.
    • This blogger takes no offense at the promo, which I must have missed amongst the LEO's typical assortment of well-written articles and, speaking of chiseled, ads for naughty hot chats.
    • Verified sources are overrated--just ask any reporter who wrote about mobile weapons factories in Iraq.
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