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    Friday Bourbon News Roundup: First Bourbon In Bourbon County Since Prohibition A
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    If you’re a true bourbon geek, you’ve heard it said that, ironically, there are no distilleries in Bourbon County, Kentucky.  That has changed with the opening of the Gentleman Distillery in Paris.  This week they distilled the first legal whiskey in Bourbon County since 1919.  Welcome to the bourbon family, Gentlemen. 

    Brian Haara is at it again with another great blog post about someone who changed the course of bourbon history but would have been lost if not for a lawsuit.  Whiskey companies using the names of popular figures is not a brand new marketing ploy, but rather has been around about as long as bourbon.  Learn how a trademark lawsuit led to the rise of the Old Granddad label from this blog post.

    Heaven Hill has been awarded the Environmental Pacesetter Award for 2014 for its efforts to protect the environment.  According to the press release, “The award is meant to recognize individuals, organizations and businesses for their exemplary efforts to protect the environment, conserve resources and set an example of environmental stewardship for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”  Congratulations, Heaven Hill, and keep up the good work.

    Copper and Kings will partner with 610 Magnolia’s Chef Edward Lee for a tasting event featuring cocktails and canapés.  Click here for more details.

    In case you missed it, The Filson Bourbon Academy is October 18.  Click here for details.

    Bourbons Bistro has announced a new fall menu.  Check it out here.

    With all the news lately about the legalization of marijuana across the nation, David Mann over at Business First wrote this piece about whether legal marijuana posed a threat to the bourbon industry.  My opinion, in short, is not even a little bit.  It might even help.

    In other booze news, Louisville will host the Midwest Rum Fest in early December.  Click here for details.

    Photos Courtesy of Gentleman Distillery, Sippn Corn Blog, and The Midwest Rum Fest

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