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    In my quest to learn more about Germantown/Schnitzelburg one subject keeps popping up. Baseball. One example of this dedication is an exclusive website which has been a source of information for the past eight years.  Check this link to download the registration form and to find additional information about the league. 

    Sign-ups took place on February 6th and 7th but late sign ups will be
    available February 21st from 2:00 to 4:00.  Sign-ups are being held at
    the Zion United Church of Christ located at 1310 East Burnett Street,
    on the corner of Burnett and Minoma Avenues, one block south of Eastern Parkway. Currently there is still room in all categories, so don't hesitate to show up on the 21st.  Games are played at 1537 Poplar Level Road.

    This year the fees are $80.00 per player in all leagues except for the 13-15 year old baseball league, which is $115.00 per player.  Multiple family discounts apply; the second family player is given a $10.00 discount and additional family players given a $20.00 discount.  Each fee includes 25 chances per player for the picnic capital prize.  Players
    may choose to sell the chances to help recoup the registration fees.

    New players must present birth certificates at sign-up.

    Not understanding how leagues work, I was curious as to why the fees
    were higher for the 13-14 year old players.  Don Hayden, treasurer on
    the Board of Directors cleared this up for me.  T-ball through 11-12 year old baseball, is played on a smaller field. Did you know the distance between bases on a professional field is 90 feet?  I didn't. It is only 60 feet for the smaller guys. The larger fields command higher upkeep costs. Also, the umpires hired for these age ranges have experience working local high school games and therefore charge a higher rate.

    Extended game length also accumulates higher costs. Each 13-15 year old game last approximately two hours with t-ball games lasting only 45 minutes.

    This organization dedicates itself to make sure each player has fun, but also works hard to prepare them for future athletic success. Returning 13 year old players find the additional 30 feet between bases does make a big difference.  This better prepares them for high school and college games.

    While talking with Don, he related a very interesting story about several older gentlemen who in the past would go to the field between games and play "catch." Upon the death of one of the gentlemen the Germantown baseball B.O.D. learned he had left half of his estate to the leagues, approximately $40,000.  I believe this shows the depth and dedication Germantown/Schnitzelburg residents feel about this organization.Sponsorship information is located on the website. 

    Don believes this year the league will have three-13 year old teams and four 14-15 year old teams. All in all there will be approximately 66 teams with an average of 840 players.  The culmination of the season brings a yearly picnic and alumni games scheduled for May 22.  The machine pitched alumni games are held on the professional size field and players are divided into age categories.

    Generally there are three or four alumni games played yearly.  If interested in playing the fees are $30.00 per player.  Contact information is provided on the Germantown Baseball website.  

    Along with the excitement of the games the annual cow paddy contest is very popular. Mark your calendar for May 22nd and enjoy the great food and festivities of the annual Germantown/Schnitzelburg picnic.

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    Photo provided courtesy of Germantownbaseball website with permission from Don Hayden.

    Charlotte Klein-Carter, Freelance Writer,

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