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    Last week, Frank and Sandy Thompson of the Germantown Times took to social media site


    to answer questions on the Louisville-centered “subreddit” (a lot like a forum) with the help of their grandson Chris Thompson. The questions were wide ranging, from asking whether they would be interested in buying the LEO (not unless someone did a Kickstarter for them), to the legitimacy of their identities. They also revealed an interesting bit of information - the Germantown Times is beginning a print edition which will be on sale at

    The Greenhaus

    starting some time this week.

    Aside from the print edition, the Thompsons answered lots of questions - not all of those posed received a response, but those that did are below.

    Q: I'm loving the Times, and I only have one question: When will you be purchasing the LEO from AY? Hopefully soon.

    A: Frank : we would never buy the LEO. I've got a decent retirement check coming in from UPS every month, but we don't have Aaron Yarmuth money.

    Sandy : if someone would start us a kickstarter to buy the LEO we would do it.

    Q: Has Janet Taylor been approached about writing an advice column in the print version of the Times?

    A: Sandy : I suppose we could transcribe her advice every week, but Frank and I are usually in bed by the time she starts consulting her friends. Last night she was on her porch alone and Frank said she gave a Janet Taylor peace out to herself. I'm not really sure what that means.

    Q: What's the latest news on the Sojourn church?

    Will there be a Play 2 opening in that space soon?

    A: Frank : There will be a new story we're working on for next week. We got an insider tip that they will be changing their clothes and image in spring of 2015. Stay tuned.

    Q: What's that lady on the porch doing today?

    A: Sandy : Janet? She sleeps until about everyday until 2pm. Her five kids alternate what day they have to wake her up throughout the week. I think today is Kelly's day. They're out shooting off mortars, I'll ask when they're done.

    Q: I heard you're really a 20 year old white kid who lives in his parents pool house in the East End and that you work at Urban Outfitters. Any truth to this?

    A:Sandy : No, there's also a guy that looks like an extra from Game Of Thrones on Twitter that lies and says he writes our blog.

    Q: Dairy Del or Dairy Kastle?

    A: Frank : I've gotten #3 from both of those places so I can't do either.

    Sandy : I too have gotten #3 from both of those places, but Dairy Kastle for sure.

    Q: I really enjoy the site, and was wondering what the impetus for starting it was. The humor is so sharp and biting, are you just looking for a venue to be funny or do you have an ax to grind with the hip crowd?

    A: Frank : we don't have any axes to grind at all. We try to do stories on anything we think is newsworthy. We've gotten several threatening emails from the folks at Sojourn, but we're assuming they're from the other three Sojourns that are still in the closet.

    Q: Thanks so much for doing an AMA. Why do you think the Kroger on Goss always smells like magic markers?

    A: Frank : We always say it smells like Bonnie Prince Billy's pockets so I guess we're not too far off from each other. I'm not sure though? I can talk to the GM after the VHS section launches.

    Q:Are you all planning on getting more merch?

    A: Frank : We will have a printed paper up at Greenhaus next week, and a few more t-shirts coming up over the next few months. Wes from has offered his services and will be drawing them as well as a bumpersticker.

    Q: I'm as old as Frank and forgot to have grandchildren and I don't know how to use this intertent page. I posted this in the wrong place, but I'll try again. Why have you not investigated why my idea submitted to the city for a round-about with a statue in the center of a typical Germantown mother (i.e. Janet Taylor) and children was replaced with a rain garden at the intersection of Ellison, Swan, and Dandridge? That rain garden just attracts pests, rodents, and unsavory characters.

    A: Frank : as Sandy mentioned before this is another great idea for crowdfunding. I'm not sure how to start a kickstarter, but I think Nachbar would be interested in having a Janet Taylor statue if the money was raised. I think it's a great idea as Ms. Taylor is clearly the Robocop of Germantown.

    Q: any plans on having a booth at any local events, maybe your grand kids could man it since Frank's sense of direction isn't what it use to be

    Also do you think it is going to be difficult to keep up your current level of articles with only writing about Germantown?

    A: Frank : Good question. Probably not do any booths or local events as a lot of those places usually consist of wives from St. Matthews that don't vaccinate their kids. But some locals had the idea about having a block party in Germantown where everyone wears Frank masks like the Guy Fawkes masks in v for vendetta.

    Sandy : We're going on a few vacations soon and our Grandkids that live in Norton Commons, The Highlands and St. Matthews will take turns doing stories from their parts of town. The kids will all have their own week.

    Q: Yesterday,

    in this post

    [1] , you managed to guess 2 of the three design choices for todays first Yarmuth issue of the Leo (animals and golf, sadly no helicopters). Do you believe in psychic abilities and do you like to go gambling at the boat?

    A: Frank : I'm very fascinated with Aaron Yarmuth as he fits the definition perfectly as laid out in a book I just read The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. I'm interested to see what his next move is, which I think I have some more predictions as psychopaths tend to all work the same.

    Q: Fellow Germantown redditor here, would you consider taking articles written by other people?

    A: Sandy : We get about 20 article submissions every week but we haven't seen one yet that we liked. Keep them coming.

    Q: I heard the Germantown girl's little league team is going to some sort of world series. Aren't you all proud of them?

    A: Sandy : Frank and I are sort of proud of the little league team. They all look like little Janet Taylors running around and that scares the both of us.

    Q: Thanks for taking the time this Wednesday, I really enjoy your work.

    • Will, ‘The Times’ be reoccurring in print?

    • Are you open to contributions in the future?

    thanks again.

    A: Frank: We're not sure. We'd like to do more physical prints, but it's a lot of work laying it out and we have to see what the interest is on the first print. We will accept contributed articles in the future possibly, but they've gotta have the Germantown edge like the most recent LEO cover.

    So there you have it, straight from the mouth of the creators of Germantown Times. Did this answer any of your questions, or are you still as confused as I am? Check out their print edition, and be sure to keep an ear to the ground for more Germantown Times news.


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