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    What do Germantown/Schnitzelburg, Facebook and Danny Mac's Pizza have in common? Dan McMahon.

    Facebook took off like lightening among teenagers and young adults adding another way to stay in touch, update friends and family and share life events.  But it also can serve as a way to connect and relive our bygone years through neighborhood fan pages.

    Just this week Dan McMahon, owner of Danny Mac's Pizza found time in his busy schedule to spend two or three hours to create a Facebook page dedicated to Germantown/Schnitzelburg. Follow this link and take a look.

    Though the page is only about a week old it currently has 2,170 fans.  There are lots of photos to browse and old memories to relive. Types of pictures on the site include old grade school group shots, business signs, sports group photos as well as shots of individuals. So don't be surprised if you grew up in the area to find your mug on the page.  This site provides a great avenue to connect with long lost friends from the area.There are also additional links to other websites relating to Germantown/Schnitzelburg.

    Though I personally am not a native, I am not at all surprised that a Facebook page devoted to this neighborhood has taken off.

    My grandmother-in-law lived in that area when I first met and married in the mid 80s. I remember walking in the front door of the little shotgun house, facing many unfamiliar faces on that first Christmas Eve thinking how odd it was that you had to walk through the bedroom to get to the kitchen. Growing up on a farm where you could not see the house of your nearest neighbor did not prepare me for the close proximity of the houses in the Germantown area. Since then I have come to respect and enjoy that closeness.

    My mother-in-law told stories about the neighbors gathering together in the summer, sharing lemonade or iced tea and talking about everything. Everyone kept an eye on the kids who ran from house to house playing together. It was like living in a small town inside a larger city; the best of both worlds. It was a place where neighbors took care of each other, prepared food for wakes, and was there to lend an ear or a helping hand in times of distress.

    Check out this Facebook page, add your own memories or thoughts of this neighborhood nestled in our great city. And if you get the chance, take a drive around, enjoy the food from one of the local restaurants and just soak up some of the history that is Germantown/Schnitzelburg.  

    Over the next few weeks I plan on doing just that. I am going to try the pizza at Danny Mac's as well as dine on the Italian cuisine at the Come Back Inn. I plan on touring the old churches and talking with the locals. So check back here regularly to see what I have discovered!

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    Photo courtesy of Dan McMahon Facebook

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