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    Those who've seen footage of Led Zeppelin performances know it's all about the raw energy produced by the band's four legendary musicians. That's how they made it work. Many of the band's recordings were just too layered to be recreated by four musicians in a live setting.

    Get the Led Out and its seven musicians set out to re-create those recordings in a live setting. All in attendance at GTLO's Friday night show saw it happen. For the better part of three hours, Get the Led Out burned through song after sweet song with precision and grace.

    It would've been easy to just close my eyes and let the big Ludwig kick pound away at my chest, while the gritty Les Paul tones soared from walls of Marshall amplifiers into my ears.

    Instead, I watched what appeared to be a well-to-do couple in their mid-60s. They sat directly in front of me, making-out. The woman, with one hand clutching her man's sport coat, thrust a peace sign at the band as they barreled into the "Stairway" solo. This is the same couple that just hours before were stuck stiff in their seats, looking as if they thought The Nutcracker was the performance of the evening.

    A few rows ahead, there stood a wide-eyed boy, 10 years old (at best) with his attention firmly riveted on the stage. Chances are he'd never seen anything like "The Battle For Evermore," performed live and to a tee. I hadn't. And no matter how hard I tried to keep calm, the raising hairs on my arm gave away the excitement.

    Folks young and old danced, screamed, head-banged and laughed their way through the night, giving a standing ovation between just about every song. Even my seat attendant began to let loose a little during the twining vocals at the end of "Ramble On."

    Get the Led Out didn't just bring out the Led, they brought it to life. Hats off to GTLO. Next time, I'm bringing the whole family. 

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    I graduated from IUS with a degree in Journalism and Writing. I've been a freelance writer for 5 years and have been published in several local and national publications. I specialize in music, features and sports writing. I'm also a working musician.

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