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    Kentucky Homefront is pleased to announce their 3rd show of the Fall 2007 Season, featuring a slate of first-time "Front Porchers." 

    DATE:Saturday, November 10th, 2007
    TIME: 7:30pm
    PLACE: The 930 Art Center (*note directions, below)

    Doors open at 7:00 - come early for best seating.
    Admission: $12.  Kentucky Homefront is Hosted by JOHN GAGE, ( well known Kentucky Folksinger/Songwriter.  If you love Irish Music, you'll want to be sitting as close to the front porch as you can get on Saturday, November 10th, when they celebrate St. Pat's day a wee bit early!  

    The event's lineup includes:

    MY DARLING ASLEEP                                                                                                                      
    My Darling Asleep was formed in 2003 to perform traditional Irish songs and dance tunes. The band was initially an outgrowth of the Irish Music Ensemble, a student group co-directed by Sean Mulhall and Marie Geever-former singer of My Darling Asleep at the University Of Louisville School Of Music. My Darling Asleep’s repertoire includes a wide variety of music from the Celtic world, ranging from spirited jigs, reels, and hornpipes to graceful airs and songs of folklore and wonder.  Band members are; Marion Halliday - Vocals and percussion, Rachel Blanton - Violin, Henry Austin - Guitar and Vocals, Sean Mulhall - Tenor Banjo and bouzouki and Laurel Fuson - Accordion.  We welcome them for their first visit to the Homefront Porch!  Give a listen at

    This graceful duo unlocks the drive and passion of Irish music as played through the ages and in our own time.  Beverly Buchanan: Bev has developed a bit of a cult following in recognition of her tasteful and lively renderings of some of the great oulde tunes from the west of Ireland, and her stylish accompaniment to Dan's singing is superb. She is recognized as one of the leading box players in the Midwest.  Dan Cummins: Over several decades, Dan has crafted his own unique style, reflecting a love and respect for his family's heritage along with a fervor to keep the party going. Dan is a rare singer. He might deliver a classic pub favorite in one breath - in the next he'll sing a song in the old style. He has successfully worked with some of the greatest Irish Trad players of his generation.  We welcome them to the Homefront Porch for their first visit!  Check them out at

    NORI, BEN & ELI                                                                                                                               
    The musical trio Nora, Ben, & Eli features teenaged multi-instrumentalists Nora Grossman (14), Ben Scruton (15), and Eli Kleinsmith (15) playing an exciting and eclectic mix including jazz, Irish and Appalachian folk, old time music, and some original tunes. Their own unique arrangements incorporate a variety of instruments including fiddle, guitars, banjo, accordion, percussion, ukulele, and tinwhistle as well as vocals. Nora, Ben, & Eli began playing music together as members of The Louisville Leopard Percussionists where they were exposed to an array of musical styles and were introduced to improvisation and composing.  After graduation from the LLP, their compatibility as friends and musicians led them to form their own group. They are constantly evolving as an ensemble, adding new styles of music, new instruments, and even some traditional dance elements into their performances.  Nora started playing piano in kindergarten, but her musical involvement really started when she was in second grade and joined the Louisville Leopard Percussionists, where she spent five years.  In addition to percussion, Nora plays guitar, dulcimer, and ukulele.  She is a freshman at duPont Manual High School, where she sings in the Manual choir.  Ben is a sophomore at duPont Manual High School.  He performed with the Louisville Leopard Percussionists from second to seventh grade.  He currently plays trombone in the YPAS Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble and played in the JCPS All-County Symphonic Band.  In addition to percussion and trombone, he plays piano, ukulele, banjo, accordion and tin whistle.  Eli was a member of the Louisville Leopard Percussionists for two years.  Heplays dulcimer, ukulele, guitar, and for the past 6 years has been studying violin with Hiroko Driver. He currently plays violin in the Louisville Youth Orchestra. Eli is a tenth grader at St. Francis High School.  We welcome them to the Homefront Porch for their first visit!  Find out more at

    JOHN SKELTON                                                                                                                                 
    Now living in Lexington, Ky.,  London born John Skelton is one of the most well known Irish flute players currently performing in America, and is probably best known from his work with The House Band, with whom he recorded seven albums on the Green Linnet label.  He has also released two solo albums, ‘One at a Time’ and ‘A Few Tunes.’  His latest recording, Double Barrelled, is a flute duet CD (possibly the first such ) with Kieran O’Hare. This has become something of an instant classic and has received considerable radio play on both sides of the Atlantic.  In recent years John has become probably the most sought after flute and whistle teacher in America.  He is a regular staff member at Augusta, Swannanoa, East Durham, Gaelic Roots, the West Coast Flute Symposium, Wind on the Bay and at various Tionols and Irish music festivals around the country.  In addition to his background in Irish music, John is also well schooled in the music of Brittany.  He visits there regularly, and is a highly regarded player of the Breton bombarde, a double-reed folk shawm.  NPR’s The Thistle and Shamrock recently described him as "the finest bombarde player outside of Brittany."  As a bombarde player, he has appeared as guest soloist a number of times in Sean Davey’s ‘The Pilgrim Suite’. John also plays the ‘Piston’ (low bombarde), the ‘Veuze’ (bagpipe of Eastern Brittany) and the ‘Gaita Gallega’ (bagpipe of Galicia).  John's a first time visitor to the Homefront Porch; welcome John!   You can see a picture of John and learn more about him at

    JIM CHATHAM                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    Jim Chatham, a Presbyterian pastor for forty years, has taught Bible throughout his ministry.  From 1979 to the present, he has led the ten week Fall lay Bible course at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.  He also teaches for the Louisville Veritas Society at Bellarmine College.  Aside from pulling weeds, putting up wallpaper, and doing fun things with his wife, Nancy, Jim finds himself quite busy in (semi) retirement.  In addition, he is an author of several publications and in 1999, had one of his more recent books, "Sundays Down South, a Pastor's Stories," published by the University Press of Mississippi, 1999.  Jim has been a guest on the Front Porch many times and is a long time Porch Pal.  We welcome him back to the Front Porch for another visit!   Learn more at

    John will most likely be visited on the Front Porch by COLONEL BOB O'THOMPSON, who never lets the truth stand in the way of a good story.  Colonel Bob is the current President of CORN ISLAND, a local storytelling festival.

    You can find out more about Kentucky Homefront, as well as keep up with the latest news about performers, at

    Join up for free after-show activities, including a JAM.  Musicians, don't forget your instruments!


    ADDRESS: 930 Mary Street (if coming from the West, you can take Oak Street to Mary, then turn left onto Mary where Oak becomes two-way)  However, if coming from the East, please follow detour directions below:

    The following directions are a TEMPORARY DETOUR UNTIL 11/18. Cannot go straight through Oak, so must detour thru neighborhood: From I-64, turn South/West on Grinstead Drive (From Bardstown Rd - S/W - Wendy's on your left) on to Grinstead, which turns into Winter. Turn left onto Barret Ave, go 1-2 blocks.    Turn right onto Ellison Ave, go 1-2 blocks.    Turn right onto Schiller, go 1-2 blocks.    At stop-light, turn sharp left at Haddad's Auto onto Oak St.    Veer slight right at liquor store onto Mary St.   Continue down Mary St. 2-3 blocks.  930 is the big building on the left with colorful banners.  Enter the Center from the parking lot past/west of building (There's parking on both sides of the building, but the entrance is on the west side)


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