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    I am no “coupon queen” by any means. I have tried and tried again to cut coupon after coupon. I would put them in my cute, little accordion file folder that fit so perfectly in my purse, and label each section by area of store. I would take several hours scanning the aisles, checking my coupons, looking at my list, and sweating profusely. Meanwhile I would get up to the cash register, and either forget to hand the woman at the cash register my coupons--or after all that work I would save a measly $3.00. It is just not my thing. Not even close to being my thing. Now, if you get a rush off couponing, more power to you, but if not, you should head over to Lucky’s Market. 

    Perhaps you’re thinking the natural fare at Lucky’s is too expensive. Falafel chips are $5.00 (I have actually tried these and they are delicious), and a tiny (I mean TINY) carton of goats milk ice cream (which by the way looks divine) goes for $10.00. But that is not the case every Wednesday. Every Wednesday Lucky’s has what’s called Double Ad Wednesdays. 

    Here’s the deal. Every Wednesday the sales from last week overlap the sales from the following week. So you get double the sale items. This past week (sorry if you missed it) one-pound cartons of strawberries were $0.98! And these were not moldy, mushy strawberries they simply wanted to get rid of; they were sweet, ripe, juicy, candy-like strawberries that my family of four devoured in one day. Thank goodness I had five more pounds in the fridge waiting for us!

    So to make it easy, every Wednesday, check Lucky’s website for the current sale and match it with the sales from the week before. I spent about $111 on over a week's worth of groceries, with a savings of $56, for my family of four. Now, I did have staples in the house already, but this haul included New York strips, thick pork chops, House-Made Amish apple currant pork sausage, House-Made apricot fig pork sausage, and even chicken legs, plus a entire myriad of produce that was on sale. 

    The key is not getting sucked into the intriguing products that you’ll pass to get to those that you need. Or maybe the key is to get sucked into those items if you’re Lucky’s. I will be buying the hummus that is on sale this week again because it is some of the best store-bought hummus I have ever had. When I went to get the hummus though, I passed this yummy looking cold-brew iced coffee sweetened with almond milk and a touch of cane sugar; it was actually on sale too, but just not on my list. They definitely got me there, but I'm kind of glad they did. 

    You can also get a rain check on items that Lucky’s is out of. I wanted this sold-out Castile soap that was on sale, and the sweet lady working in that small department handed me a neon green piece of paper to come back and get my soap another day that following week. Very thoughtful indeed.

    Last night we dined on New York Strip Steaks, roasted broccoli, avocado cobb salad, and dark chocolate gelato courtesy of Lucky’s Market. I discovered that it is better to go early, or late because of the popularity of this sale. Hours are 7:00 am to 11:00 pm seven days a week.

    Maybe I’ll see you there next Wednesday.

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