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    I have very vivid memories of the first time my mother tweezed my eyebrows. Despite my dirty blonde hair color, my eyebrows come in super dark and thick. It's like somewhere in my ancestry there was one pale Scottish maid with a giant Frida Kahlo unibrow. My eyebrows are also, for some reason, very sensitive, so my weekly tweezing is not my favorite part of my beauty ritual. I'd heard about eyebrow threading before, a process wherein cotton thread is quickly twisted and rolled over the skin, entwining the errant hairs in the thread and then ripping out the hairs in rows. Lotus Salon and Spa, at 2503 South Hurstbourne Pkwy, offers the service (along with lots of other waxing and pampering services!) for $10.

    I was immediately impressed with Lotus; it's a very new spa and it's gorgeous. The soft music, beautiful décor, and kindly staff helped me relax. I laid back in my chair, and the technician had me hold my eyebrow taught, and she set to work on my bushy Muppet eyebrows. I will not lie to you, IT HURTS. I am admittedly a huge baby when it comes to hair removal of any kind, but the little cotton string removing rows of hair at a time was too much for me and I started to well up. This sopped into my mascara and eyeliner, which made me cry more, and by the end of the threading (which took only 5 minutes, by the way, including shaping, and tweezing a few errant hairs) I looked like Tammy Faye Baker after a trying day. Not to scare you, honestly the pain was not all that bad. If you can get any part of your body waxed, you can certainly get your eyebrows threaded.

    The technician massaged my eyebrows after it was all said and done, which calmed me down quite a bit. Looking in the mirror, my eyebrows had never been better shaped, more clean looking, more suited to my face. That five minutes of pain was totally worth it. Eyebrow threading is a walk in service at Lotus, but I'd recommend calling them to make sure their specialist is in the day you plan to go. Don't forget to tip!

    photo: Elizabeth Orrick

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