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    The disappointing end for the Girl’s LIT tournament that I’ve covered in the first two rounds is official as director of the tournament, Joyce Seymour said that the semi-finals and championship match has been canceled due to snow. Further, they will not reschedule the event.

    While, I’m tempted to speculate on the specifics the simple fact is that the 2012/2013 Girl’s LIT Tournament has no champion- rather a collection of teams who for all intents and purposes share the gold.
    This isn’t the first time the event has been cancelled in later rounds, as a similar situation happened in 1973; however it is a rare occurrence.

    This comes after Jefferson County schools were cancelled due to weather on Friday when round three was to be played that evening. The general rule of thumb is simple: if school can’t be in session neither can after school activities including athletics.

    As such one must wonder if the issue came when a rescheduling of the gym caused problems in terms of the already established schedule of Knight’s Hall and St. Xavier’s gym (where the championship games were to be played)- let me say this is purely conjecture on my part, however it is a reasonable reason for the canceled championship rounds.

    The remaining teams included Manual, Walton Verona, Christian Academy, Glasgow, Mercy, Paul Dunbar, Sacred Heart, and Owensboro Catholic.

    According to state rankings Manual was the favorite at #4 state wide, right behind them was Mercy at 5, 16 Sacred Heart came next, and rounding out the top 20 was Owensboro Catholic.  Walton Verona, Christian Academy, Glasgow, and Paul Dunbar were all ranked outside of the top 20.

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