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    Anne Miller, co-owner

    “I had cancer several years ago. I had a melanoma removed and I went through kind of a lot after that physically and I just decided that I wanted to do more things with my body and not invest all of my time in my other professional career. I wanted to spend more time doing things just for myself.” 


    Kara Hancock

    “I think the thing I liked about it initially was that it felt like I was back on the playground at school in the third or fourth grade on the swings or the monkey bars. It put me in my happy place. I think there is a thrill to do something so beautiful and physically challenging, but also kind of scary.” 


    Meg Wallace, co-owner

    “I just did what my body felt comfortable doing. I was inverting probably until month seven, and then the baby was totally in position and I didn’t want to ruin that, so I just stopped. I felt great. I was doing headstands and handstands, and I was in silks for a long time. I performed in our first showcase when I was four months pregnant, and I taught and I was in the silks until basically I was about to pop.” 


    Maria Elbl

    “I’m 46 years old and I’ve never really done athletics in my life, and this has been a great experience. I come here three or four times a week. I do silks and now I’m doing the hoop. It’s an honor to be able to learn something new, to do something flexible with your body. I’ve become much more flexible and much more confident with what I’m doing.” 


    Charlie Keene

    “I came into aerials at a really weird point in my life. I was homeless for a year, and I started doing aerials as soon as I got into a situation where I had a home and was working and just getting back into the swing of normality. It gave me a sort of...I know this may sound intense and lame, but it gave me a sense of purpose. It gave me something productive.” 


    Rachel Petty

    “You’re nurtured and given the gentlest push to keep going, which is really helpful. It’s a really positive environment, and those things shape who you are because you are able to take them out into the world. They are healing — they’re mentally healing, they’re emotionally healing. It’s wholesome. Like medicine.” 


    Christen Malone

    “It’s so addicting. I really like the performance aspect of it, because I’m a pretty introverted person unless I’m performing. I mean, my performance personality is the complete opposite of me. I get to express my voice through my body.” 


    Denis Dawson

    “I’m a physical therapist, and this is the most fun form of exercise I’ve found. After doing (physical therapy) all day long with other people, I get bored easy.”


    This originally appeared in the June 2016 issue of Louisville Magazine. To subscribe to Louisville Magazine, click here. To find you very own copy of Louisville Magazine, click here. 

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