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    Obaby is a brand new app for parents. Do you have babies or little ones? Do you like to capture those moments right as they happen? Do you have 1000 pictures sitting in your Photos folders on your iPhone or Smart phone? You are probably a candidate for this new app, designed by the same local folks who brought you Over and LouLoveApp.

    Obaby allows you to align beautifully artsy text over your photos of your precious ones. According to their website, “if you are a parent-to-be, a new parent, or simply passionate about babies, this app is for you.” All three of these apps allow you to add text and artwork images to your photos. They create very unique photos with the simple touch screen options in your hand.

    Some tips from this infographic, created by the Louisville folks over at It’s called “The New Parent’s Guide to Mobile Photography.” Some highlights you’ll find there:

    ·         General photography tips

    ·         Using these apps

    ·         Taking photos of moms-to-be

    ·         Snapping shots of infants and toddlers

    ·         Phone photography for the family

    ·         Other tips and tricks for getting that perfected shot

    It has all the details and specifics about what this app and the others mentioned can do you for you. Take your baby’s photo shoots to a brand new creativity. Use your imagination and creative outlet right at your own fingertips! What a great resource created by Louisvillians, for you! Nothing gets Louisville going more than locally-infused creations like this. I now have a new social hobby to take up more of my time: Obaby on Instagram.

    Images courtesy of and; Photo by Erin Nevitt

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    About Erin Nevitt

    Longtime Louisvillian, I am a children's librarian at heart and have a passion for children's lit. I am most recently a stay-at-home mom who is always on the move, searching for family fun in Louisville. If it's free, it's preferable!

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